Lacie LaCinema Mini HD USB2

  • Lacie LaCinema Mini HD USB2
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  • Excellent format support, impressive performance, sleek and compact design.


  • Interface issues when browsing large collections, limited access to online services.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 60

We've been very impressed with everything we've seen from , though admittedly that has only stretched to three products so far.One of those, the , is a bigger version of what we have here; the Mini HD. Uniquely it packs a 500GB hard disk drive,...

By Tracy and Matt's Blog on

A quick read of this review and I'm sure you haven't failed to notice that I really like the LaCinema Mini HD, I think it does a fantastic job of giving the consumer the perfect home network home entertainment experience. Easy to set up easy to...

By DigitalVersus on 60

Power consumption and noise Power consumption isn't this product's strong point. Although it's good enough in playback mode at 10.7 W, it's not so great on standby at 7.1 W. Plus, this media centre can't be fully switched off, which...

By RegHardware on 75

We were impressed by the MiniHD’s versatile playback abilities, and support for a wide range of audio and video file formats. The browser interface is flawed, but is still better than that found in a number of the network media players...

By IT Reviews on

Lacie has done a nice job with the latest addition to its LaCinema range and while cheaper rivals such as the Western Digital WDTV Live are far better at offering access to online content, few offer built-in wireless and an internal drive so...

By Pocket-lint on 80

Lacie ticks a lot of boxes with the LaCinema Mini, but a relatively high price and lack of some key features means there’s still room for improvement Key specsComposite, Ethernet, HDMI, USB,...

By The Inquirer on 80

Like the rest of its range the LaCinema Mini HD sports sleek black lines inspired by designer Neil Poulton. It’s also extremely compact, by far the smallest we’ve seen to offer these sorts of features. A USB port at the front offers easy...

International Review By Les Numériques on 60

Les prestations de ce boîtier ne sont pas à la hauteur de son prix. S'il a des qualités certaines, il traîne son lot de lacunes et d'absences, en commençant par des fonctions absentes (jukebox vidéo, 24p...

International Review By 01Net on 80

Ce monolithe noir laqué dessiné par le designer écossais Neil Poulton est loin d'être mini par son contenu et ses possibilités. Il l'est, en revanche, par sa taille : un carré de moins de 12 cm de côté sur...

International Review By Prylportalen on 83

Test: Minimal mediaspelare från Lacie Allt fler tillverkare väljer att hoppa på den växande branschen för mediaspelare. Vi har testat en extremt liten och snygg sak från Lacie som visar sig ha större muskler än...