OCZ SSD Agility 60GB MLC SATA300

  • OCZ SSD Agility 60GB MLC SATA300
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  • Fast boot times, High performance
  • Strong read and write performance, Write performance actually exceeds the published specifications, Quick access times, Blend of strong performance and competitive pricing
  • Performs as advertised, Aggressively priced, Uses the Indilinx Barefoot controller


  • Low capacity for the price compared to HDDs
  • No goodies included to aid in the installation/upgrade process, "Competitive pricing" still means over $200 for 60GB of storage

Expert reviews and ratings

By X-bit Labs on

The mainstream Agility series is expected to offer the most appealing price/performance ratio. Every Agility model is based on a full-featured Indilinx Barefoot IDX110M00 controller which works with MLC flash memory and 64 megabytes of...

By LanOC Reviews on 90

When youre in the market for an SSD you have to first get over the sticker shock from the dropping but still high prices. OCZ brings the Agility in to bridge the gap between cheap but slower standard hard drives and the much more expensive high...

By FutureLooks on 85

The OCZ Agilitys performance isnt the slowest weve seen. In fact, while it bounces back and forth between the 64GB V-Plus at the start, its in the loaded state that it thrives. When the Agility and the 64GB V+ SSDs...

By Neoseeker on

Solid state drives are built with high performance in mind and OCZ's Agility certainly delivers the goods. Not only does it turn in some great numbers in our synthetic benchmarks, although not quite as good as the drive's specifications suggest,...

By I4U on 90

The OCZ Agility 60GB SSD is a perfect first SSD for the user looking for a speedy boot drive for a new computer. The OCZ Agility 60GB SSD probably doesn't have enough storage to be your sole storage drive, but it is a great boot drive. blog comments...

By Bigbruin on

The OCZ Technology 60GB Agility solid state drive offers impressive performance in both read and write testing. It came close to achieving its rated sequential read speed of 230MB/s in each benchmark, but what was particularly impressive was that it...

By Phoronix on 90

From looking at these Linux results gathered from Ubuntu 9.10 running atop an EXT4 file-system, the benefits of an SLC SSD over MLC is very clear. Both the Agility and Agility EX sport 64MB of onboard cache and are similar in terms of features except...

By ThinkComputers on 100

It is nice to see OCZ trying to get more solid state drives out there to the mainstream. By using different NAND chips on the Agility they are able to make it more affordable for consumers. There really is not a huge speed difference between the...

By Testfreaks on 90

The OCZ Agility Series SSD is easily one of the best choices if youre looking to replace or upgrade the hard drive in your laptop or netbook in terms of capacity, performance and pricing. Others at the same price point have lower performance...

International Review By PcHS.IT on

Ci siamo occupati pi volte di SSD e abbiamo sempre rilevato buone performance, specialmente se confrontate con quelle dei vecchi dischi rotativi. Per la prima volta per abbiamo avuto l'impressione reale che il famoso "collo di...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Wie misst man eigentlich die Leistung einer Festplatte? Ganz einfach: Zugriffszeiten und Transferraten mit verschiedenen Dateigrößen ermitteln, Benchmarks wie ATTO, Crystal DiskMark oder auch PCMark Vantage verwenden und schon weiß der geneigte Leser,...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

We concludeerden al dat de populaire Intel Postville en de OCZ Agility EX in de real-world benchmarks een beetje stuivertje wisselen. Voor de meeste mensen zal het qua prestaties om het even zijn. Beide drives hebben ook de beschikking over TRIM....

International Review By IDG.no on 83

Også OCZ Agility er basert på kontroller fra Indilinx. Sammenlignet med OCZ Vertex benyttes noe rimeligere flashminne, hvilket på noen områder gir litt lavere ytelse. For Agility...