Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt

  • Promise Pegasus R6 Thunderbolt
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  • Superb throughput speed.
  • Large amount of storage.
  • Supports multiple RAID configurations.


  • Only works with Thunderbolt-equipped Macs for now.
  • Expensive.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Advisor on 80

The Promise Pegasus R6 lives up to its winged name, and proved to be an incredibly quick desktop storage system for Mac computers. Windows users can look forward to Thunderbolt appearing on other PCs from next year....

By ZDNet UK on 77

sWe were really impressed by the Pegasus R6's fast performance, but were let down by its price and especially its lack of support for other peripheral interfaces. You wouldn't buy the expensive Pegasus R6 to use exclusively with an older Mac or...

By DigitalReviews on

Promise Pegasus R6I still remember purchasing my first computer in the mid 1990s with its massive 400MB hard disk drive. Some fifteen years on, the Pegasus R6 provides home users with 12 Terabytes of directly attached RAID storage. And the amazing...

By Macworld UK on 80

The Promise Pegasus isn't just the first external Thunderbolt device to market. Currently, it’s the only Thunderbolt product on the market, except for the latest generation of Apple Macs that launched the new port technology. With the help of...

By Business Computing World on 80

Promise Technology is onto a good thing. Thanks to the company’s quick support of Intel’s Thunderbolt technology, its RAID storage solutions are currently the favoured storage accessory offered by Apple on its online store—even though...

By TechRadar on 80

While the first Thunderbolt-equipped Macs appeared in February, dedicated peripherals have been a long time coming. Perhaps inevitably, the first to arrive are RAID drives, such as the Promise Pegasus RAID R6 we have here. While the Thunderbolt port...

By IT PRO on 67

There's no doubt that thanks to Thunderbolt, the Promise Pegasus R6 is one of the fastest storage products we have ever seen. It's also very expensive, although its price per gigabyte of 18p, while high, isn't outrageously extortionate....

By cnet on 77

If you have a Thunderbolt-enabled computer, the Promise Pegasus R6's storage capacity, its features, and especially its performance are worth the hefty investment for those who demand fast external...

By AnandTech on

One by one the barriers to mobile computing have been falling. In the early days you could move to a notebook but you'd give up a lot of CPU, GPU and I/O performance. SSDs really fixed the storage performance issue (2.5" hard drives are horrendously...

By PC Mag on 70

If you know you need this insanely fast, Mac-centric Thunderbolt drive, you need the 12TB Promise Pegasus R6 external hard drive. For everyone else, this is a pricey experiment into how much you can spend for a lot of speedy hard drive storage....

International Review By Tom's Hardware on

Was USB 3.0 für den PC ist, soll Thunderbolt für den Mac übernehmen. Die neue Schnittstelle ist allerdings deutlich schneller und erreicht über diverse technische Raffinessen eine extrem hohe Performance. Thunderbolt ist eine von Intel unter dem Namen...

International Review By on

Mit dem "Pegasus R6" von Promise hat uns das erste echte Peripheriegerät mit Thunderbolt-Schnittstelle erreicht. Wir haben dem Sechsfach-Raid-System ordentlich auf den Zahn gefühlt.Sechs Festplatten mit je einem Terabyte residieren in dem...

International Review By Datormagazin on

Det första disklagringssystemet med Thunderbolt är äntligen här och susade genom våra test med häpnadsväckande hastigheter.Thunderbolt har varit på gång länge. Även om PCI-Express-baserade...

International Review By Hardwareluxx on

Das Promise Pegasus R6 will mehr sein als eine einfache externe Festplatte, die als Einbahnstraßen-Datenspeicher genutzt wird. Vielmehr muss es durch die Thunderbolt-Anbindung als "interne Festplatte" verstanden werden. Anders sind die bis zu 800...