Western Digital Black 4TB SATA600

  • Western Digital Black 4TB SATA600
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The 3.5-inch, 4TB, 7200 RPM WD Black (WD4001FAEX) is spec'ed with a sustained throughput of 154MB/s. The WD4001FAEX features a 6Gbps SATA connection and 64MB of cache, and also boasts of a 5-year warranty.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechSpot on 85

Overall we feel the WD Black 4TB presents a great balance of performance and capacity, and if the MSRP is met, price as well. With a massive 4TB capacity, consistently strong performance, quiet operating volume and a 5-year warranty we strongly recommend...

By TechSpot on 85

Last year's Thailand floods wreaked havoc on the storage industry, as the region accounts for about half of all hard drive production. Western Digital was among the hardest hit, announcing last October that, like many others, it would suspend...

By uk.hardware.info on

We have to be honest here. The Western Digital Caviar Black 4TB is a bit of a letdown. It came out more than 6 months after the Hitachi 7K4000 4TB , yet the Hitachi is faster, cheaper, quieter and more efficient. Granted, you get five years of warranty...

By Tom's Hardware UK on

Western Digital has a new 4 TB flagship. Its WD4001FAEX is part of the company’s Black family of performance-oriented drives. Spinning at 7,200 RPM, it might seem at home in a high-end desktop, but our numbers suggest it might fare better in a...

By Legion Hardware on

It has been some time since we reviewed a hard drive and as we mentioned earlier that is partly because innovation in this industry has been almost at a standstill over the past year or so. However it is also largely because we have been focusing on...

By StorageReview on

For those needing to bulk up on storage for all those media files or other digital packrat behavior, 4TB hard drives are a welcome option. While in the market for some time as external hard drives, the 7,200 RPM options are finally becoming more...

By uk.hardware.info on

After more than six months there are finally some more options among 4 TB disks. With the Western Digital WD RE 4TB, WD has created a high-performance 4TB for servers. This hard disk is not suitable for consumers. Not only because of the high price,...

By ExpertReviews on 80

Huge and massively fast but this high price lets this disk down.

By ImpulseGamer on 95

With a recommended retail price of around $429AUD (December 2012), the Western Digital 4TB also boasts a five year limited warranty which will give the user some additional piece of mind, considering the amount of data that you can store.

By HardwareCanucks on 90

The Black 4TB may have been a long time coming but it was certainly worth the wait.

By Hardware Canucks on

Ever since its inception, the Western Digital Black lineup has been held in high regards by the storage enthusiast community. Getting to this level of respect wasn’t easy. It took successive generations of drives which improved upon their...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Heel eerlijk: Western Digital stelt ons teleur met de Caviar Black 4TB. De schijf is ruim een half jaar later op de markt gekomen dan de Hitachi 7K4000 4TB , maar de Hitachi schijf is sneller, goedkoper, stiller én zuiniger. Goed, op de Caviar...

International Review By Tweak.dk on 4

Hvad er en harddisk?Ordet harddisk er kendt af langt del feste, og det da også en af de mest benyttede bestanddele, i en moderne computer og en gammel for den sags skyld. En harddisk består af en række roterende plader, hvorpå...

International Review By thg.ru on

Итак, недавно компания Western Digital пополнила...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Na een half jaar komt er eindelijk meer keuze wat betreft 4TB schijven. Met de WD RE 4TB introduceert Western Digital een uitstekend presterende 4TB schijf voor server-toepassingen.Voor consumenten is deze schijf niet geschikt. Voornamelijk vanwege de...

International Review By PC-Welt.de on

Test: Western Digital Black 4000GBSo viel Speicherplatz braucht kein Mensch - und schon gar nicht zu diesem Preis! ...

International Review By Tom's Hardware on

Western Digital hat eine neue 4 TB-Festplatte für seine Performance-Reihe WD Black herausgebracht. Wie der Test zeigt, dürfte das Laufwerk im Server-Rack in der Tat am besten aufgehoben sein. Speicherspezialist Western Digital erweitert seine...