Western Digital My Passport Studio New Edition USB2/FireWire

  • Western Digital My Passport Studio New Edition USB2/FireWire
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  • FireWire 800 provides fast transfer speeds, Backup and encryption, eInk label
  • The Western Digital My Passport Studio supports FireWire 800, FireWire 400, and USB 2.0 connections. It has a sleek compact and portable design with a customizable electronic label.


  • Backup software is too limited, Premium pricing
  • The My Passport Studio doesn't support USB 3.0 and its FireWire performance could be faster. Its backup software doesn't allow for much customization, and its cost per gigabyte is relatively high.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GadgetMac on 70

There are many choices you can make in choosing portable back up that is right for you. Companies have been adding more bells and whistles to their basic drives to entice buyers into sticking to their product. The big names such as Seagate and Western...

By Tbreak.com on 70

A sleek and speedy external hard drive for your Mac that's a bit pricey Although your Mac is capable of utilizing almost all the external hard drives available today, its always good to find one designed specially for the Mac. Western...

By Digital Arts Online on 80

Passport is the rather apt name chosen by Western Digital for its range of portable hard drives. Not much bigger than the 2.5in notebook drives they contain, these pocket-sized storage devices are now more pocketable than ever, thanks to their...

By G4tv.com on

Kevin Pereira and Alison Haislip bring you a rapidfire Gadget Pr0n where they cram as many portable hard drive reviews in as possible, from the Western Digital My Passport Studio, the Verbatim Insight, the Toshiba Portable hard drive and 250 gig Seagate...

By TechRadar on 70

With so many portable hard drives to choose from it's not easy for a new release to stand out from the crowd, but Western Digital's My Passport Studio 640GB succeeds admirably with an interesting feature that's more than just a gimmick. The...

By PC Advisor on 90

Increased capacity is expected with storage updates, but Western Digital has added some useful features for its lastest My Passport Studio. We miss the second FireWire port, but were impressed by the labelling system of the Western Digital My...

By PCWorld India on 78

This is Western Digital’s premium external hard drive, and is priced accordingly. The addition of an eInk label is great for those who need multiple drives and a quick way to differentiate between them and find out how much space is available. The...

By cnet on 68

The My Passport Studio is designed and preformatted for Macs, but it works well as a portable external storage solution for both Windows and OS X, as long as USB 2.0 is the connection of...

By Geek.com on

There has generally been little difference from one external hard drive to the next (especially in the highly portable 2.5-inch models). Maybe one was a bit smaller than another, or it had Firewire in addition to USB 2.0, but there has often been...

By PC Advisor on 70

The Western Digital My Passport Studio 500GB is an average performer when using the USB 2.0 connection, and you can expect similar results when using the FireWire 400 adapter. However, the FireWire 800 interface means you’ll be able to transfer...

By Good Gear Guide on 75

Western Digital charges a premium for its flagship Mac-formatted external hard drive, but the addition of an eInk label and the faster FireWire 800 interface make it a worthwhile choice of you need to transfer large files....

By Macsimum News on 100

Case in point, their WD home entertainment solutions that work with all brands of external storage, not just their own. In this case, so-to-speak, the new My Passport – Studio models really go that extra mile beyond the storage and with all...

International Review By Magazine Ordinateur Individuel on 90

Pas toujours évident, quand on possède plusieurs disques durs externes, de se rappeler ce qu’ils contiennent. Western Digital a trouvé la solution pour son nouveau modèle Passport Studio (640 Go, ici), équipé...