Dell Streak 5

  • Dell Streak 5
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  • Gorgeous screen; useful skin over Android 2.2; MicroSD card slot; strong photo experience


  • Uneven media performance on Wi-Fi; very slow 3G Web browsing with T-Mobile; weak flash on rear cam

Expert reviews and ratings

By Computer Shopper on 69

Dell’s updated Streak 5 has some solid improvements over its debut version, namely a boost from Android 1.6 to 2.2. But despite it being sold as an unlocked device, we found it worked far better with AT&T than with T-Mobile....

By ZOMGitsCj on 80

We were happy that we could wait until the Dell Streak got Android 2.2 Froyo before reviewing it. The OS update makes the Dell Streak 5 very usable and quite enjoyable to be honest. Battery life is pretty great, and the overall package is...

By PCQuest on -

This year CES was abuzz with tablets launched and showcased by all major manufacturers. Dell showcased its Streak 7 tablet as well which is expected to arrive soon. Currently, India has the Dell Streak --the Dell Mini 5, a 5? tablet that is priced at...

International Review By Digital Living on 50

Dell hat mit dem Streak 5 ein kleines und sehr handliches Gerät am Start. Allerdings hat es auch einen grossen Nachteil, wie unser Test zeigt.Ausgeliefert wird der nur 240 Gramm leichte und 5 Zoll grosse Tablet-PC mit dem etwas betagten...

International Review By on 70

Una tableta recomendada a quienes están buscando un dispositivo completo, que sustituya al celular, la cámara de fotos y el reproductor multimedia; de hecho, la Dell Streak sustituye, incluso y por momentos, a la laptop, ya que puedes crear...

International Review By NotebookCheck on 86

On a testé le Streak juste derrière le Apple iPad, le Streak prend le risque de se faire comparer à ce dernier. Mais c'est injustifié pour ce 5 pouces qui ne joue pas dans la même ligue. Il se prend juste pour une version...

International Review By on -

V záplavě mobilních telefonů s Androidem jsem dlouho postrádal zástupce od společnosti Dell. Kdysi významný prodejce PDA přístrojů se v poslední době poněkud odmlčel a...