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  • Affordable.
  • Attractive, sturdy design.
  • Near stock Android, with unobtrusive customizations.


  • Screen’s resolution is eye-squintingly low.
  • Mediocre battery life.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Android Police on

All in all, I like the HP Slate 7 Extreme more than EVGA's Tegra Note 7, despite the fact that it has yet to receive the update to Android 4.3. The build quality is better, the display is better (even if only marginally), and I prefer the overall...

By Engadget on 62

HP is dipping its toe back into the tablet market with the budget-friendly Slate 7, but the tablet's underperforming processor and lackluster display leave much to be...

By DigitalVersus on 40

One year. That's how late this tablet is, performance-wise. The HP Slate 7 is a low-cost tablet that almost seems expensive considering what you can get for just a few quid more. Might as well buy the first Nexus...

By What Mobile on 50

R etailing at around £125, the HP Slate 7 is geared towards the cheaper end of the tablet market, even for a smaller device.From the rear the Slate 7 actually looks pretty good. Our review model came with a red plastic shell featuring the HP logo in...

By PC Pro on 50

HP has crafted a solid, attractive tablet for a superb price, but the Slate 7 simply cuts too many corners to earn a...

By ausdroid.net on

Even though it's quite cheap at $199, it's very hard to recommend the HP Slate 7. It's quite slow, the battery is mediocre and the screen is woeful. Most of the features that set it apart from others in this price range, such as Beats Audio and the rear...

By Expert Reviews on 60

HP aims low with its first Android tablet, yet still falls short of the...

By Computer Shopper on 70

HP’s first Android tablet is a well-built, strong-performing 7-incher that's a decent value for first-time buyers or as a second slate for tablet veterans. Mind, though, the relatively low-res screen....

By Engadget on

HP seems to have gotten the memo, as it's now offering a $30 instant rebate on both the 8GB and 16GB models (bringing the former down to $140 and the latter to $170). There are other budget tablets out there that are better, faster and stronger than the Slate 7, and you might be better served by looking elsewhere.

By NotebookCheck on 84

HP's Slate 7 proved to be a solid 7-inch tablet in many ways during the test. First, it is not a second rate device despite its affordable price. It is well built and features a bright, high-contrast and viewing angle stable LC display . Second, HP was...

By mashable.com on

You know how you fall off a bicycle or a horse and you're sort of hesitant to remount? It's been nearly two years since HP fell off its tablet bicycle/horse with the wreck that was the HP TouchPad .HP has gotten back on the bicycle/horse (and, I promise,...

By IT Pro Portal on 70

HP has produced a laudable effort with the Slate 7, but it just doesn't really offer many reasons to choose it over a tablet like the Nexus 7. There are a few key areas where the Slate 7 just isn't up to snuff – namely the lower resolution screen and...

By businessspectator.com.au on

HP's Slate 7 breaks new ground for 7-inch Android tablets, but it sacrifices far too much in order to keep the price tag down.Google set the new benchmark for 7-inch Android tablets with the $249 Nexus 7 , raising the bar in terms of price, performance...

By Digital Trends on 60

There aren't many Android tablets under $200 worth your time. There's a certain threshold to inexpensive slates – stay above it and value balances out with price and performance, dip below and you might as well have just flushed that money down a...

By androidauthority.com on

When Google launched the Nexus 7, many felt it revolutionized the tablet market with its high performance, accessible size, and very affordable price. It's still one of the best 7-inch tablets on the market, and the device is even expected to get a...

By SlashGear on

In the end, the HP Slate 7 is just an OK tablet, and it would be a good option for casual users who don’t need the greatest device, but want something just to play around on. It’s low $169 price tag is definitely something to keep in mind, but we’d really just recommend saving up only $30 more to buy the Nexus 7.

By TechReviewSource on 70

The HP Slate 7 is an Android tablet that combines good looks with speedy performance, but its display just isn't up to...

By tabletpcreview.com on 80

The HP Slate 7 fits the bill as an entry-level tablet. It's features and performance are average in every way. What makes it stand out is its low $170 pricetag. You can certainly get a better tablet than this one, but you won't get a better one for less...

By LaptopMag on 60

The HP Slate 7 sports a premium design and offers Beats Audio for an affordable $169, but its screen and performance trail those of even cheaper tablets.

By theregister.co.uk on

For all its good looks, the HP Slate 7 does seem a bit of a mixed bag. The Beats Audio treatment is impressive with both music and movies, but the tablet itself is not too happy with HD content. The 3Mp camera on the back is a bonus and OK for snaps but...