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The Surface Pro 3 is the latest flagship tablet from Microsoft, despite packing a larger 12-inch with a 2160 x 1440 resolution display, it's lighter than the Pro 2 at 800 grams. The new Surface includes a Core i7 that’s 10% faster than the one on its predecessor. Another big area of focus was the redesigned kickstand, the new kickstand just smoothly slides into any position you like within a 150-degree angle.

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By IGN on 83

The new Surface is great in a lot of ways-from its relatively thin build and quality construction to its speedy performance and OS that's perfectly designed for the form factor-but whether or not it can actually replace your laptop depends on how much you want a solid keyboard and track pad, and if you plan to use it on your lap.

By Know Your Mobile on

Microsoft wants you to ditch your iPad and MacBook and get a Surface Pro 3. It's a bold goal, but one that is perhaps a little too optimistic. The Surface 3 Pro features a myriad of solid improvements, ranging from the new display to the kickstand and...

By on

Unlike the other machines on this list, the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a convertible tablet. So while it is not an Ultrabook, we did want to include it because Microsoft is promoting it as a tablet that can replace your notebook when you add a...

By on

Microsoft's Surface lineup is only two years old, but it's already been on quite the roller coaster ride. When the company first announced the tablet/laptop hybrid, reactions were cautious, but also unmistakably intrigued. But that buzz fizzled quickly,...

By AnandTech on

I don't know how big the professional productivity tablet market is, but it's a space that Microsoft seems to have almost exclusive reign over with its Surface line. With its latest iteration, Microsoft is serving that market better than ever.

By on 74

It's hard to overstate just how important the Surface Pro 3 is to Microsoft's future as a hardware company. Though other manufacturers have taken up Microsoft's mission of producing true hybrid PCs, the Surface line still felt underwhelming compared to...

By on 85

First impressions are a critical part of our lives. From interviews for your dream job to meeting a significant other, the first 30 seconds of interaction can define an entire relationship. So when Microsoft said that its Surface Pro 3 is the Ultrabook-...

By Mashable on

In the real world, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is an impressively capable laptop replacement. If Microsoft follows my suggestions the Surface Pro 4 could be unstoppable. And yes, fellow flyers, that is the Surface Pro 3 in my lap.

By The Inquirer on

The Surface Pro 3 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor with an Intel Haswell processor and is set to be made available in Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 chip...

By Pocketnow on 88

The Surface Pro 3 loses a few points for having batteries in the stylus and an awkward capacitive start button in the bezel, but everything else makes the Surface Pro 3 the best tablet PC we've ever used. The large screen and super thin body combined...

By Macworld UK on

The Surface Pro 3 is first and foremost a tablet, but Microsoft claims it's the only tablet that can truly replace your laptop. During its unveiling, Microsoft made several comparisons with Apple's MacBook Air, suggesting that you'd be able to trade-in...

By on

Out of know where Microsoft decided to give us a refresh to the Surface Pro line of tablet . Now the Surface Pro 3 has been my go to travel companion for the last 4 months and I have to say its worked out great, until I got my hands on the Surface Pro 3...

By PC Advisor on

Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air comparison: why compare a tablet and a laptop? Blame Microsoft. During the Surface Pro 3 tablet launch event the presenters were at great pains to point out that Surface Pro 3 is a rival for both the iPad and the MacBook...

By on 98

It seems a bit early to crown the Surface Pro 3, but even playing solely by tablets' rules, it's a remarkably better device than most other tablets. Ignore the kickstand. Ignore the Intel-powered processor. Ignore the fact that this will run just about...

By on

I've been having a recurring dream lately. No, not the one where Betty White teaches me to hot-wire a car. Instead I'm in the future, using some sort of 'post-PC' device that combines the best of my laptop and tablet....

By Gizmodo on 80

The costs of choosing a Surface Pro over a traditional laptop are fewer than ever but they're still present, while the benefits are still fairly niche. So if they appeal to you, by all means buy a Surface Pro 3; it's fantastic for what it is. That doesn't mean, though, that it's necessarily what you want.

By Sydney Morning Herald on

DateMay 27, 2014 - 11:37AM (29) Read later To appreciate Microsoft's latest tablet computer, you need to accept the notion that one device can do it all. works as a tablet when you want to watch video or read e-books. It works as a laptop...

By Engadget on 79

The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft's biggest and best tablet yet, but it needs a better keyboard to truly replace your...

By Gizmodo on

How often do you carry around your laptop—open—by the corner. A lot? Like, a lot? Then yes, maybe. Not a lot? Then no, probably not. The Surface Pro 3 is definitely a great device, but do you really need its superpowers?The bigger question is Now that...

By PC World on 80

Microsoft's Surface lineup just keeps getting better and better, with an improved screen for desktop use and an upgraded Type Cover for the...