Vizio Tablet 8 inch

  • Vizio Tablet 8 inch
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  • Sturdy and well-built.
  • Low price.
  • Excellent sound quality.


  • Runs an older version of Android.
  • Benchmark performance is poor.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Computer Shopper on 50

This sturdy, attractive tablet outshines several other entry-level slates we've seen, but its outdated OS and slow processor limit its appeal....

By on

Tablets are hot — and everywhere. But choosing one is easier than you’d think Everyone can offer features, but who gives you the best access to streaming and downloadable content? Enlarge PORTABLE ENTERTAINMENT. It started with the Walkman and was...

By on

Not to be outdone by Sony, Vizio has released its own tablet with a built-in IR blaster to compete with the Tablet S . Though it's quite a bit smaller than most tablets, it does have a few interesting perks that are enough to warrant it a look for buyers...

By Gizmodo on

Vizio is known for bringing pretty-good-for-the-price TVs to your living room. Now they've got an eight-inch tablet for you to cozy up with on the couch during those cold winter nights. But it's like snuggling with a cat who's had too many...

By PC Mag on 50

The Vizio Tablet VTAB10008 wins points for originality, and adds some clever remote control functionality, but it's not powerful enough to compete with the best tablets out there....

By PC World on

about the Vizio Tablet is that it's neither sleek nor cutting edge, but it is usable. The universal remote feature may not be the best implementation I've seen of this, but it is still a compelling extra not found on most of the competition. If...

By Android Central on

Can you really get a decent Android tablet for less than $300?It seems like every week we see a new Android device from a company we either haven't heard of, or one that's not known for portable computers. More often than not, these devices end up at...

By MobileTechReview on 60

We're glad that Vizio has entered the Android tablet market. They know consumers, and they know how to make quality affordable products. The Vizio tablet is relatively user friendly as Android tablets go, and it has access to the wide range of apps...

By CNET Australia on 60

The Vizio Tablet makes a great competitor to 2010's Samsung Galaxy Tab, but lacks the grace, speed, and features of today's best...

By Android Central on

Our favorite UPS man just dropped off the Vizio 8-inch tablet (don't call it VIA anymore) and we cracked the shrink-wrap to have a look. It's 8 inches of well-made electronics, running Android 2.3.2, and priced under $300 it's something we...

By SlashGear on

The Vizio Tablet did have poor benchmark scores and the interface is noticeably less snappy than what we’re used to on a Tegra 2 dual-core tablet. Touch controls, at times, also felt slow to respond. An update, expected within the next 45 days,...

By Ubergizmo on

Thanks to its aggressive pricing, Vizio contributes to bringing tablet computing to a much broader audience. Given its strict budget requirements, the tablet has a surprisingly good build quality and can play high-definition movies without a sweat....

International Review By Betabuzz on 52

Das Vizio VTAB1008 ist ein weiterer Versuch, Tablets nach dem Credo „Geiz ist geil“ zu bauen. Allerdings hat das Gerät entsprechende Defizite, und seine Daseinsberechtigung inmitten der überwiegend kostspieligen Konkurrenz-Modelle wird nicht zuletzt...

International Review By on

In januari presenteerde het Amerikaanse Vizio, wat we vooral kennen van de budget TV's, haar eerste tablet. Sindsdien hebben we een hands-on video voorbij zien komen, maar verder hebben we er weinig van gehoord. Slashgear heeft deze week echter de eerste...