Sony KDL-40NX713

  • Sony KDL-40NX713
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  • Quality, Design, Networking (Wi-Fi) Features, Internet connectivity, Superb colour and black performance, Freeview HD Tuner, Very Good Scaling and Video Processing.


  • Glasses Lose Sync, Slow Menu system, Blurry Backgrounds with 3D Content, Outdated Calibration Controls, Poor sound, Product Shots The Sony Bravia KDL-46NX713 sports the sumptuous Monolithic Design making a fitting addition to any living room. The Monoli

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By Expert Reviews on 80

The stunning design and excellent connectivity makes the KDL40NX713 one of the best high-end TVs we’ve seen, but image quality can’t match cheaper plasma sets...

By Best4Reviews on 67

With the Sony Bravia KDL-46NX713's 3D performance flattering to deceive, and the sub standard audio output, the Sony Bravia KDL-46NX713’s 2D performance is its saving grace as it's simply stunning and means that while it gets a four stars...

By CNET UK on 80

The 40-inch Sony Bravia KDL-40NX713 is a stylish LED TV that produces classy 2D pictures and has a wonderful line-up of Internet features. Just don't buy it for its 3D...

By PC Advisor on 80

The Sony KDL-40NX713 isn’t the most advanced 3D television you’ll see. Indeed, if 3D is the top priority for you, you’d be advised to look elsewhere. But you should still be able to get an enjoyable experience from watching even 3D on...

By on 100

KDL-40NX713 sits on the cusp of old and new: while it’s nominally a 2011-series television, facets of its design cling to 2010-era Sony principles. For example, and unlike other new-generation 3D-capable Sonys, the NX713 still requires the...

By Pocket-lint on 80

Yet another strong screen from Sony, with decent pictures across all sources and its best-in-the-business Bravia Internet Video service. A superb all-rounder for 2D, there is an option for a 3D add-on but that will set you back a few hundred quid at...

By TechRadar on 100

Step up from Sony's mainstream EX TV range and you'll find the first of its 3D designer models. The NX Network sets combine advanced multimedia capability with premium picture performance and Sony's trademark Monolithic Design.NX models come...

By T3 Magazine on 100

Sony’s 40-inch KDL-40NX713 is a delicious Freeview HD LED TV. Although not positioned at the top of the brand’s extensive line-up (this is reserved for the brand’s Signature LX TVs), it delivers a sumptuous picture performance and has...

By Trusted Reviews on 90

Sony has developed a habit in recent years of launching interim TVs; sort of 'v1.5' models tucked in between the main courses of its headline annual TV range launches. The 40in KDL-40NX713 is one of these v1.5 TVs, turning up to inject some new...

By Home Cinema Choice on 80

Sony’s Network (NX) range is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but the models are also decked out with all the latest features, including 3D, network streaming, online content and LED backlighting. But you may wonder why there are multiple versions...