For about a year we've been working behind the scenes on our latest project, the TechSpot Product Finder, a comprehensive up-to-date catalog of tech products. We hope this becomes your next destination to make well-informed decisions when you go out shopping for your next laptop, SSD, monitor, digital camera, HTPC, tablet, or even your next media player.

Think of it as a Metacritic for computer enthusiasts, the Product Finder is divided in five main sections: Computer Hardware, Systems (PCs, Laptops, Tablets), Smartphones, Electronics, and PC Games.


Desktop PCs




PC Games








Power Supplies

Home Audio & Video





And More!

We are opening the new section in beta form today, so you can take advantage of it right away. We have yet to write a FAQ explaining some of the internal processing and criteria we use, but for now two things to keep in mind:

1) We give products an average score based on all the reviews we can find for them across the web.

2) We apply a special algorithm to show you the hottest and freshest possible products in each category, so whenever you are looking for "the best camera" to buy, we can come up with answers right away by browsing the first page or two for that product category (*hint: also check out the data filters to narrow down your searches).

As with all beta launches, you may find some stuff is broken. We'll appreciate your help sending us feedback. Our intent is to keep improving the section in the coming weeks and integrate Product Finder data to all the things we do on TechSpot. Thanks again for your support and we hope you enjoy the new section --- see feature highlight screenshots after the jump.

Product Finder available from our main menu on top.


Featured products in each category showing color-coded metascores.


Metascores with our 4-tier breakdown: Excellent, Good, Average and Bad.


Popular products carry handwritten descriptions and all have multiple angle shots.


Pros and cons give you a quick glimpse of what editors liked and disliked about each product.


Comparison shopping is available on the side for your convenience.