Galaxy MDT GeForce GT 520: Quad-Display Budget Card

By on January 27, 2012, 5:13 AM

Given the affordability of high-res, big-screen displays, people are increasingly adopting multi-monitor setups for gaming and productivity. Although it's easier than ever to outfit your home office with several 27" screens, it wasn't long ago that such a setup required pricey specialized hardware. Nowadays, AMD's Eyefinity technology enables from three to six displays on one card, while Nvidia's more limited Vision Surround still supports up to three monitors for a max resolution of 7680x1600 (2560x1600 per screen).

Multi-monitor technology was originally designed for productivity and it's still the driving force behind such technology today. Graphic designers, video editors, stock traders and other professionals greatly benefit from several screens, but they don't necessarily demand the raw GPU power high-end gamers do. Hoping to address those needs, Galaxy has begun offering Nvidia's cards with enhanced multi-display support.

The board partner recently launched its Galaxy MDT GeForce GTX 580, supporting four screens for a maximum resolution of 7680x1200. However, being based on Nvidia's flagship single-GPU card, the solution is still a bit beefier (and pricier) than someone might need to view Photoshop or stocks across four screens. Thus, the company has introduced an affordable MDT X4 card based on the low-end GeForce GT 520.

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amstech amstech, TechSpot Enthusiast, said:

I don't understand why the author keeps mentioning eyefinity and how this GPU compares to Radeons.

Radeons are gaming cards, this is NOT a gaming card nor was it intended to be.

Its a workstation card made to run 4 displays and sip power.

I run quad monitors at work with 2 Radeons working together and it works just fine.

Steve Steve said:

amstech said:

Radeons are gaming cards, this is NOT a gaming card nor was it intended to be.

Its a workstation card made to run 4 displays and sip power.

I'm so glad you confirmed that for us

So what gaming Radeons do I keep referring to in the article? I was sure it was only the Radeon HD 6450...

Guest said:

The card is meant for what ever you're going to use it for...

...and I've seen plenty of people use this as a gaming card.

EXCellR8 EXCellR8, The Conservative, said:

well the GT 250 chipset isn't the greatest for gaming anyways, so i'd consider this a workstation card regardless...

Guest said:

what was the point in reviewing this card pretty useless imo

Guest said:

This is being marketed to the business users not techies that know how to set up the AMD cards using display ports which are a real pain as you have to spend some extra bucks to get the right (active) connector because most monitors don't support display ports yet. If the thing is a package deal where you have the card and the splitters with just a simple plug and play, no muss no fuss type of deal then $130 is a steal. Time is money and spending hours learning the technology and making sure you buy the right connectors makes saving $70 over the AMD product a no brainer. Sure you could buy a high end gaming card from AMD that has the same capability but those are not marketed to business users and the size of most of them means they may not fit into the Dell/Gateway sitting on their desk, not to mention the noise of some of those cards! Overall I think this is a winner for Nvidia if they market it right.

Steve Steve said:

Pretty much what we said in the conclusion about the ease of setup. That said most companies have tech support or even either own IT department for a reason

Guest said:

This card works fine for Minecraft. It gets around 150 fps on highest settings across 4 monitors.

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