With its vast knowledge and experience of case building, Corsair must have foreseen that the Carbide 600C we reviewed last month wouldn't appeal to everyone with its inverted ATX layout, so its counteroffer seems premeditated. Just a month later, Corsair is back with the new Carbide 400C and 400Q.

On hand we have the Carbide 400Q, which does away with the inverted ATX layout and returns the power supply to the bottom of the case among other changes: the I/O panel runs horizontally across the top, the ultrawide footprint is gone, the 5.25” drive bays have been removed and therefore the magnetic door has also been scrapped.

The Carbide 400 series then is a more traditional approach that still maintains the clean lines and curved solid-steel exterior of the 600 series for a great minimalist look.

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