Back in 2008 Cherry released the MX Red linear switches with a low 45 cN actuation force that were aimed squarely at gamers. Like the black, blue and brown switches, the red ones travel 2mm before actuating with a total travel distance of 4mm before bottoming out.

Corsair believes that serious gamers don't have the time it takes for a key to travel 2mm and have instead reduced the travel distance to 1.2mm for a lighting fast 4ms actuation speed.

These new MX Speed switches are a Corsair exclusive and for now are only available on its new line of Rapidfire branded keyboards, including the K65 RGB Rapidfire, K70 Rapidfire and K70 RGB Rapidfire. We have the latter on hand today which retails for a wallet-busting $170 while the non-RGB version is a little easier to take at $130.

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