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Amazon is heating up the battle for your living room with its new set-top box streamer, Fire TV. Boasting a quad-core processor with dedicated graphics, 2GB of RAM, and built-in voice controls, the Fire TV is a powerful little set top box with a growing ecosystem backed by Amazon's own Instant Video content library.

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By EuroGamer on

It's a shame that Amazon's exclusive shooter doesn't draw out the strengths evident in synthetic tests, especially as the likes of Dead Trigger 2 outgun it for eye-candy while appearing on a multitude of other devices. Hope is on the horizon though, with an Amazon teaser trailer showing yet more first-party titles that could well make this hardware stand out in an already busy market.

By Venture Beat on

With the Fire TV, Amazon has successfully turned Android into a decent media platform, something that even Google TV failed to do. But with talk of yet another Android media stab from Google (the aptly named Android TV) and a new Apple TV reportedly in development, Amazon is going to have some stiff competition ahead.

By NYTimes on

Amazon’s other big advantage is that Fire TV doubles as a videogame box, which you operate through the remote or optional game-style controller. Its offerings won’t impress people used to the very latest sophisticated console games, but may be just enough for more casual gamers.

By IGN on 80

Amazon's new all-in-one streaming box and game system is affordable, versatile, and worthy of a spot in your entertainment center.

By TechRadar on 80

Amazon Fire TV review | Amazon's new streaming device is high-powered, well-built and beautiful, but tilts heavily toward Amazon services.

By Engadget on 79

Right now though, features like gaming, voice search and ASAP are barely helping it keep pace with the competition. Maybe with a few more apps (HBO Go, Vudu), some great games and an extra layer of polish it could push ahead.

By GeekWire on

Does the world really need another streaming box? The answer is a resounding YES! Having just purchased the Amazon Fire TV and having tried many other stre

By The Verge on 88

Instead, it just gave me another box to watch the same content I can see plenty of other ways. And that means I’m likely going to be sticking with my cable subscription for the foreseeable future.

By Gizmodo on 60

If you're full-in on Amazon already, Fire TV does for your stuff what Apple TV does for the OS X and iOS faithful, with a decent gaming experience thrown in as a bonus. But with limited search, no HBO Go, and a price tag that twice as much (or more) as very appealing options, Fire TV doesn't have quite enough spark.

By cnet on 70

The Fire TV streaming-media box is an impressive living room debut for Amazon, with standout features like voice search, gaming, and superfast video streaming, but it falls short of being an elite streamer -- at least for now.

By PCMag on 90

Amazon's $100 media hub offers an excellent combination of power and flexibility with an accessible, impressively smooth menu system.

By Tom's Guide on 60

Amazon's Fire TV is an innovative and powerful entertainment device, but there's plenty of room for improvement.