Nyrius NAVS500 HD 1080p Digital Wireless Audio Video Sender

  • Nyrius NAVS500 HD 1080p Digital Wireless Audio Video Sender
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  • Can play 1080p video streaming, or higher, on most any device with HDMI, Can send signals through walls and people without losing image quality, Simple twopronged system that acts as secondary/primary monitor, Requires no software setup and minimal hardwa
  • Setup is very easy, Transmits a signal that's clear and clean, Works with my cable box's remote.


  • Requires the laptop or device to be near the transmitter, Includes a lot of hardware, and a lot of cables, to be set up, Isn't suited for all households or situations
  • Doesn't have a signal splitter in the transmitter, so I have to move the HDMI cable between my living room TV and the transmitter box. (But I don't find this a problem, because it lets me actually transmit the cable signal.)

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By GadgetReview on 90

USB video emitters are all the fad these days, but as I've said in the past that's really all they are, a fad. And a bad one at that. Sending video, especially HD video, over a USB-connection is just asking for a world of pain, especially if...

By The Gadgeteer on

I’ve been looking for some way to occasionally watch TV on my bedroom TV without the monthly expense of a cable hookup and digital settop box in there. I’ve tried an antenna that worked great for local HD stations, and I’ve tried a...