Uebo M400 Wi-Fi Media Player

  • Uebo M400 Wi-Fi Media Player
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  • Can stream content to your HDTV.
  • Can play any media file type thrown at it.
  • A solid amount of interface connections.


  • Because it relies so heavily on search and text input.
  • Desperately needs some sort of QWERTY remote control input device.

Expert reviews and ratings

By BCCHardware on 67

As we look back over the Uebo M400 Media Player we can see that it has many great features such as File browser, Bit Torrent, UPnP server and client, FTP Server, Remote Management, and support for some of the latest tech such as USB 3.0, SATA HDDs up...

By APH Networks on 58

A few years ago, I was chatting with my buddy Devin after class (Who is now also my colleague here at APH Networks), and somehow we came across the topic of relationships with members of the opposite gender. "Looks are what that gets it started," he...

By HDTV Solutions on

With the M400, Uebo has improved on last year's class of network media players by adding a high-speed gigabit Ethernet connection and a USB 3.0 port. But the real attraction is its built-in BitTorrent Client and a space to add an internal SATAII hard...

By SmallNetBuilder on

If you're looking to bring digital music, movies or photos into the living room, you've got a lot of choices when you're shopping for a player. Compared to just a few years ago, these little multimedia boxes are getting popular, powerful and more...

By CNET Australia on 70

While we recommend the Uebo M400 to the DIY streaming and content guru, the M400 is certainly not for novices. It's also desperately in need of some sort of QWERTY input...