Olympus Pen E-P5

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  • Compact.
  • In-body stabilization.
  • Fast autofocus.


  • Stabilization system is audible.
  • EVF is not built-in.

Expert reviews and ratings

By gadgetshow.channel5.com on 80

The Olympus Pen E-P5 is a modern take on a classic design from the 80s and comes filled to the brim with new and improved features, but will its lack of a viewfinder hold it back from the rest of the round-up? See what we made of it in the video...

By The Imaging Resource on 90

The Olympus E-P5 takes the best of its predecessor, the E-P3, and many features from the acclaimed OM-D E-M5, and adds a few new wrinkles of its own to make it the company's best PEN-series Micro Four Thirds camera yet. Key new features include 5-axis...

By howtospendit.ft.com on

The brand's new E-P5 is a delightful machine that takes superb photos, and has a heap of great features, such as WiFi, meaning you can control the camera from a phone app. The only reservation I have is that the E-P5 has been out retro'd by others,...

By DPexpert on

THE ULTIMATE CHOICE] by terry on 14 November 2013 After ten years of being in the business of reviewing digital doodads you tend to acquire more cameras than you need or is decent. At which point you have to deal with the pressing question that...

By Good Gear Guide on 90

The retro styling of the Olympus PEN E-P5 cloaks what is essentially a technical powerhouse when it comes to cameras. We love the image quality and ease of use of this camera, and its Wi-Fi feature is so far the best we've used for transferring photos to...

By Steves Digicams on

By Josh Fate Olympus's newest leader in the Digital "PEN" series is the E-P5, a rangefinder style model that features many of the same, powerful components and features of their flagship OM-D E-M1. Sporting a 16-Megapixel Live MOS imaging sensor,...

By tech.uk.msn.com on 100

Picture power, fun factor, easy to use; there's really very little not to like about this machine. It's the kind of camera that makes you fall in love with photography...

By Macworld UK on 60

The chassis of the E-P5 is closely modelled on the Pen F which gave rise to the famous Olympus Trip. Yet a tilting touch screen and Wi-Fi adds modernity With the latest Olympus E-P5 modelled on the original Pen F camera from the 1960s and its most...

By Popular Photography Magazine on

Olympus' Pen E-P5 is a well-thought-out, elegant little camera with enough imaging and performance prowess to satisfy a huge number of shooters. It might not deliver the most resolution you can get from an ILC, but it certainly delivers sufficient...

By Wired on 80

Like a lot of other cameras Olympus is churning out these days, the E-P5 looks straight out of the '60s. Of course, that's all a retro-facade. Despite its nostalgia-tinged design, this Micro Four-Thirds shooter is the newest and fastest addition to...

By Gadget Guy Australia on 90

Looking like a piece out of history, the Olympus E-P5 takes design elements from yesterday and combines it with tech from today, resulting in a camera that looks like it will be one of the best we’ve ever seen. Does it succeed, or is the Olympus E-P5...

By Sydney Morning Herald on

DateAugust 29, 2013 (1) Read later This 16-megapixel micro four-thirds interchangeable lens camera slots in alongside the OMD E-M5 with which it shares components and features. The difference is the OMD has an electronic viewfinder where the...

By brisbanetimes.com.au on

This camera is practically perfect in every way. Perfect design. Perfect size and mass. Beautiful lenses. Luxurious to touch and use. A gem of a camera. If only the Super Control Panel were active by...

By DPexpert on

REVIEW—OLYMPUS PEN E-P5] by terry on 28 August 2013 Price: $937 body only (current street price)Practically perfect… THE LOW-DOWN: This 16mp micro four thirds interchangeable lens camera slots in alongside the OMD E-M5 with which it shares...

By Amateur Photographer on 86

Image: I could get wide for this scene by using the 12mm f/2 lens. Its effective focal length is 24mm because of the four thirds systems 2x crop factor. Detail is lovely and crisp Compared to its competition, the Olympus Pen E-P5 is certainly stylish,...

By Photo Review Australia on 85

Like its predecessor, the PEN E-P5 will suit photographers who want a compact and versatile interchangeable-lens camera for general photography. It has the advantage of being able to use the many lenses and accessories designed for the Micro Four Thirds...

By T3 on 80

Despite being a compact system camera the E-P5 is not a pocket camera, either. But then, when it looks this good - and provided you can justify the outlay - why would you want to do anything other than attach the provided shoulder strap and show it off?

By Digital Photography School on

The Olympus PEN E-P5 sure took some getting. Following a briefing by Olympus it was two months before I actually got my sticky fingers on one in the review-atorium. And even then I had to fight, persuade and jollify every Olympus contact I had. It...

By DigitalVersus on 80

We're already fans of the OM-D EM-5 and the Olympus Pen E-P5 is another great camera. It's speedy responsiveness, great picture quality and wide range of functions make it a versatile camera that's pleasant to use. The interface could be a little complex...

By TrustedReviews on 80

There's little to disappoint with the PEN E-P5, both with design and performance of the camera on the whole. It’s a little too pricey for us to recommend right now, but it’s a good camera all the same.