Antec Dark Fleet DF-30

  • Antec Dark Fleet DF-30
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  • Solid design and construction, All black exterior and interior chassis, Front panel access doors include two 120mm blue LED fans for better airflow properties, Affordable and small form factor
  • Elegant, Futuristic Appearance, 4 Adjustable Fans, Plenty of Cooling, Relatively Quiet, even with Fans on High Speed, Plenty of Room for Drives, External SATA bay for 2.5" notebook drives or SSDs, Vented Side Panel, Cable Management Compartment.


  • No toolless installation options for optical bays, hard drive bays, and PCI slots, No blue LEDs on top 140mm exhaust fan, Optical bay covers not functional when added additional fan controllers or other optical bay devices
  • PunchOut Style Card Slot Covers

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCPer on

The DF-30 gives power users a lot of unique options and features to think about when they consider their next mid-tower chassis upgrade. The front panel access doors in combination with available fan controllers give this case a considerable edge...

By XSReviews on 90

The DF-30 continues the impressive trend set by the more expensive DF-85 offering exceptional cooling performance and visual appeal with its all-black and slightly futuristic styling. Of course there is room for improvement, but only in minor areas....

By Benchmark Reviews on 89

The Antec DF-30 offered, for me, the superior performance that comes with the Antec name. Antec holds a top place when it comes to computer cases, and with good reason. While I did cut myself twice installing my system into the DF-30, the features...

International Review By on 68

Antec har gjort et godt stykke arbejde med at designe DF-30 udvendigt. På den udvendige side finder man mange eksklusive features, så som blæserstyring på alle kabinettets blæsere, plastikrude, LED-feature, samt hot-swapping af...

International Review By PCWorld France on

Si vous nous avez lu en entier et que vous avez visionné nos deux vidéos, vous aurez compris que ce boîtier nous a déçus. Ceux qui nous connaissent savent que quand nous sommes critiques, ce n'est pas gratuitement pour se...