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The Corsair Carbide Air 540 is a computer case featuring dual internal chambers. The one on the left holds the motherboard (up to Extended ATX) as well as the 3.5” hard drive bays which sit in the floor of the chassis. The other chamber plays host to the power supply, two 5.25” drive bays and four 2.5” solid state drive bays. The Air 540 can support up to six 120mm cooling fans or five 140mm fans, alternately, supports water cooling.

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By Expert Reviews on 100

It’s not quiet, but we found this solid, industrial-looking case very easy to...

By PC Authority on 100

Coolermaster delivered its first High Air Flow designs a few years ago now, under the HAF moniker, and since then we've seen a number of casemakers take on the challenge of improving cooling in a case through unique designs. Silverstone's Raven turned...

By Overclockers Club on -

The Corsair Carbide Air 540 sets your idea of what a computer case should look like on edge. This is a bold step for Corsair, and they have done it with near perfect execution. The quality is top notch, which is certainly no surprise from Corsair. The...

By Real World Labs on -

The Carbide Air 540 is an inventive chassis that like other cases designed by Corsair is well built, has excellent aesthetics and plenty of room for expansion. It is also ideally setup to accommodate multiple internal radiators for water cooling...

By PCPer on -

The Corsair Carbide Air 540 is a very unique case. It fits a full size ATX motherboard and up to four dual-slot graphics cards but it's shorter than you might expect thanks to a design choice that splits the active components from the mostly passive...

By Hardware Canucks on -

Corsair’s Carbide AIR 540 is a unique case. It uses a distinctive dual chamber design which not only saves vertical space, improves airflow and houses large E-ATX...

By Computer Shopper on 80

The Air 540 is a uniquely designed dual-chamber PC chassis that takes an unusual approach to cooling and cabling. Just mind the wiring job ahead of you, and don't plan on installing many 3.5-inch hard drives....

By Legit Reviews on -

Corsair’s Carbide Air 540 is a style case that isn't seen much, and Corsair did a fine job of making sure it won’t be the last....

By MadShrimps on -

The CORSAIR Carbide series get a new member in the lineup with this 540 AIR Cube enclosure. And what a member it is. Brilliant cooling performance coupled with ease of installation and this complete package retails at a respectable price level. While...

By TweakTown on 91

Now I know there are a couple other companies that make cases that flow a similar concept. The two I can think of are from companies that will charge you extreme amounts of money for them as well. That being said, this is the first version of...

By Hi Tech Legion on -

My current computer desk has three shelves: the bottom, which is 19H x 20W x 24L, the middle, which is only 17H x 20W x 16L and, of course, the top is smaller. Most mid-tower cases are about 18" high, so I thought I was right on the money, but I was...

By HardOCP on -

Today we are reviewing the Corsair Carbide Series AIR 540 computer case.Corsair is famous for its memory products, but as you likely know, the company has branched out in recent years with its cooling line , world class power supplies , SSDs , audio...

By Guru of 3D on -

I secretly fell a little in love with the Carbide Air 540, it's something different, something unique, something out of the ordinary. That said it won't be for everybody of course as it is a style that you need to like alright. being that the Borg cube...

By AnandTech on 90

This isn't a perfect design, but Corsair strayed off the beaten path and came up with a frankly outstanding enclosure. I'd say that merits at least a Silver Editor's Choice Award.

By KitGuru on 90

If Corsair can quickly solve the short front panel cables issue, the Carbide Series Air 540 Cube case is an innovative chassis that is well worth its competitive asking price.

By TechPowerUp on 95

You even get three high-quality fans and excellent cable-hiding attributes, allowing you to show off what counts with absolutely no visible cable mess. The Carbide Air 540 ultimately has no major flaws, making it one damn cool chassis.

By Pro-Clockers on 90

If you do have the space, it may be placed on the floor under your desk or if you have a really huge desk to start with. Even with its wide stance it is not near as wide as say the Lian Li 343 or Mountain Mods U2-UFO. It would still be easier to find space for the Carbide Air 540 compared to those cases.

By Vortez on -

The Air 540 is a fresh looking a computer chassis design and you can clearly see that Corsair are thinking ‘outside of the box’. This case brings a unique and innovative design which is useful for a number of reasons. Not only are components...

By on -

The dual-chamber approach has merit, and this first attempt at the cube is so convincing that we're already looking forward to spin-offs. A white Graphite Cube? A sound-proofed, aluminium Obsidian Cube? Yes, please.

By Bit-Tech on 85

The Carbide Air 540 is relatively quiet, well-made, offers good cooling and costs less than £120. It's not quite feature-packed but if you're after a unique-looking case with good air and water-cooling potential or are fed-up trying to cram cables in to dark corners, this is the one to get.