Enermax Fulmo Advanced

  • Enermax Fulmo Advanced
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  • Clearance for aftermarket coolers up to 182mm tall, Clearance for multiple video cards longer than an HD6990, Toolless PCIE and 5.25” drive mounting, Five fans preinstalled, LED controller for Enermax Vegas fans, Fan controller for up to three fans.


  • No dust filters for the side panel mesh.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Hi Tech Legion on

The Enermax Fulmo Advanced is in a very crowded market that leaves users with plenty of options to choose from so by design, it has to stand out from the pack. While the flashy Enermax Vegas fans prove to be a distraction, the vertical HDD mounting...

International Review By Planet 3DNow! on

unseres Test. Wie schon eingangs erwähnt, kann das Enermax Fulmo Advanced mit allerlei Überraschungen aufwarten. Neben einer absolut ausreichenden Anzahl an Einbauplätzen für 3,5“-Laufwerken, von denen vier Einbauplätze...

International Review By pc.zoznam.sk on

Z Enermaxu nám tento krát zaslali skrinku, ktorej cenovka mierne prevyšuje hranicu 100EUR. Čakajte šasi s celkom pevnými 0,7mm bočnicami, veľkým počtom ventilátorov a slušným chladiacim...