Sentey Optimus GS-6000

  • Sentey Optimus GS-6000
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  • Great value, Great look, Good cooling performance, Fan controller, Card reader, Stealth ODD bay cover.
  • Solid Build Quality, Great paint job, Simple, easy to use Toolless systems, Includes 4 fans, Very well ventilated, Low noise
  • Quiet and powerful airflow, Wire management addressed, Tool less installations, Built in heavy duty air filters


  • No USB 3.0 or eSATA, Limited room for cable management, Poor manual.
  • Rear toolless clamps could be troublesome, A little cramped, Front I/O wastes 5.25″ bay, Useless User Guide

Expert reviews and ratings

By TweakNews on

Okay, I’ll have to admit it. Sentey’s Optimus GS-6000 case is one of the best budget cases out there. First of all, it looks great. The glossy black finish makes it look like a much more expensive case. Yeah, it’s a fingerprint magnet,...

By FutureLooks on 75

The Sentey GS-6000 Optimus is a unique mix of great build quality and lacklustre bonus features. Overall, I think increasing the height and width of the case by just a centimeter or two could make a world of difference for cable management and general...

By on 70

The Optimus performed well due to the large triple 120mm fans and the massive 180mm lateral fan. They can move a lot of air very efficiently and quietly. For a case that is in a budget price range of $50-$60, that's a value not often seen. As far...

By Legit Reviews on

Sentey sticks to its philosophy while making a name for themselves. The Optimus GS-6000 compares well to other brands in the sub $50 price category while out stylizing them....

By Pureoverclock on

Aesthetically speaking, the Sentey Optimus GS-6000 is pleasing to the eye with its extremely high glossed finish and bold styling, though the only detraction here is the fingerprints. There is just no getting away from leaving them on this finish. One...

By ThinkComputers on 70

When I first opened this case up I really did like it. I am a sucker for stylish looks and the glossy finish. I also was excited that this came with 4 included fans, that really is some serious cooling power. I also like that almost everything was...

By Fusion Mods on 80

One of my favorite areas to review are computer cases. This is where you see some really cool innovations for functionality and performance. Best of all, you see some pretty impressive designs, which lets be honest, matters to all of us when we're...

By OverClock Intelligence Agency on

The Sentey GS-6000 Optimus really feels like a budget version of the Arvina. The price point reflects that, which means this is a good thing. The Optimus looks to be around $70 USD, with the Arvina being about twice that.There are a couple of quirks...

By Gamers Daily News on 80

This is no doubt a tremendously valued case at the price point of $60, it is feature rich and can provide a nice upgrade to any machine despite how old your case may be. The looks of this case make it one to show off to your friends especially if you...

By Neoseeker on

The aesthetics of this case are absolutely amazing. The engineers at Sentey have managed to create a case that is both absolute black yet highly reflective at the same time. It is also extremely lightweight yet sturdy, and highly compact yet packed...

By Hardware Secrets on

The Sentey Optimus comes with an impressive number of features for its price tag. In fact, it comes with features not usually seen in more expensive cases. If you want an inexpensive case with tons of features, the Sentey Optimus is a terrific...

By DreamWare Computers on

For around $59USD, Sentey does a great job of packing a ton of great features into a budget priced gaming case. On the outside, it's got flashy and eye catching looks and on the inside, many features I'd expect to see only on a high end case can...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

O Sentey Optimus vem com uma quantidade impressionante de recursos para um gabinete de relativo baixo custo. Na verdade, ele vem com alguns recursos que nem mesmo gabinetes mais caros oferecem. Se você quer um gabinete acessível repleto de...