Arctic Accelero Xtreme Plus 2 VGA Cooler

  • Arctic Accelero Xtreme Plus 2 VGA Cooler
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  • Superb cooling performance, Easy to install, Excellent compatibility, Practically inaudible, 6 Year Product warranty.


  • Long cure time of the G1 glue

Expert reviews and ratings

By Real World Labs on

So we had an issue with the Accelero Xtreme. The first thing that drove me a little crazy was the insane cure time of the G1 adhesive. At 5 hours I’m not completely sure anyone would want to wait that long for the heat sinks to stick. While it...

By XtremeComputing on

At the start of this review I questioned if Arctic can keep its focus on cooling whilst also manufacturing other components including gaming headsets etc. I am pleased to say that actually, Yes, Arctic has been able to keep focus – the AC Accelero...

By X-bit Labs on

Arctic Cooling's Accelero Twin Turbo II and Xtreme Plus II coolers have only one downside. It's their high price. Even if your graphics card is as expensive as $300 and more, you may find the cost of these GPU coolers ($100 for the Xtreme Plus...

By Phoronix on 90

The ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme Plus II is one hell of a graphics card cooling solution. The Accelero Xtreme Plus II is compatible with a wind range of AMD/NVIDIA graphics cards spanning many hardware generations, is very easy to setup, and does an...

By APH Networks on 73

Brakes are to cars as coolers are to computers. They aren't the selling point of the product, but you sure miss them when they aren't working. When it comes to cooling solutions for computer components, there are always a number of features that...

By MadShrimps on

The souped version of the previous Extreme Plus version is a well executed design. Being compatible with a lot of cards from the green or red team. If needed extra mounting kits can be seperately bought to enhance the compatibility with the cards...

International Review By on 85

Esmalt tänan ma Arctic'ut, kes saatis mulle selle toote ülevaate eesmärgil. Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus II-te tutvustati meile esimest korda 30 mai 2011 aasta, mis on natuke vähem kui aasta tagasi. See on hetkel üks uuematest jahutustest...

International Review By on

Lange Zeit wurde unser Testsystem mittels einer Wasserkühlung gekühlt - jedoch entschieden wir uns vor einigen Wochen dafür diese zu demontieren, da es für unsere Tests einen erheblichen Mehraufwand bedarf, die Wasserkühlung von CPU oder GPU zu...

International Review By on

Veľmi rád by som dnešný test zakončil jednoznačným a jasným odporúčaním toho najlepšieho chladiča. Skutočnosť je však taká, že na každom zo štvorice...

International Review By on

Αν δεν ξέρετε την Arctic Cooling, εδώ είναι ένα κομμάτι με...

International Review By on

Der Accelero Xtreme Plus hat uns bereits im Vorfeld gefallen und kann mit seiner monströsen Größe weiterhin überzeugen. Mit dem Xtreme Plus II kann Arctic das Gesamtpaket nun abrunden und liefert weiterhin hohe Qualität ab....