Zalman VF3000F

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  • Awesome Cooling, Easy Install, Quiet at low settings, Good build quality, Single, fitted VGA RAM/FET heatsink, ZMSTG2 Thermal Paste, FANMATE 2 for manual control.
  • Clear instructions and installation video, 5 Heatpipes, Single, hardmounted heatsink plate, Dual 92mm led fans, Included fan controller, Fans preattached with shroud, Full size amount of Zalman ZMSTG2 thermal grease.
  • Outstanding performance, even at low speed, Virtually silent operation at low speed, Whisper quiet operation at high speed, Includes fan controller and thermal grease, Cools the GPU and video memory


  • Max fan speed is loud.
  • Fans loud at full speed, Specific to only a handful of graphics cards, Takes up an additional slot, Any additional questions about this product can be asked HERE.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Techgage on

Zalman's VF3000F retails for about $75 USD, so does it manage to accomplish enough to warrant its premium price-tag? The answer for most is going to be "no". Those who will say "yes" will have nothing but noise-levels on the mind, because...

By Hi Tech Legion on

The Zalman VF3000F's performance numbers completely creamed the stock cooler. It wasn't even a contest. At the lowest fan speed, it was completely silent and had a 8 degree difference under idle and load conditions. Ramped to 100%, the cooling...

By TweakNews on

Overall the Zalman VF3000F at US$60 is a great alternative to Nvidia's stock cooling solution. It does a good job of keeping the maximum temperatures low while not compromising silence. From the instructions to the single heatsink plate, the...

By BeHardware on

When it comes to the cooler itself, the radiator is connected to the copper base via 5 heatpipes and is...

By Bigbruin on

What can we add that we haven't already shown you? Nvidia's Fermi core runs hot, and stock coolers are fine if you can get used to their loud and whiny operation. But if you really want performance and silence, you need to upgrade to an...

By Hi Tech Legion on

The Zalman VF3000N for GT200 GPUs were very easy to install and the VF3000F makes it even more convenient for the user, as it now uses a single, solid piece of VGA RAM heat sink instead of individual RAM sinks that were used previously. That was a a...

International Review By PC for Alla Extreme on 80

Det kan finnas många anledningar till att man vill ta bort den gamla kylningen på grafikkortet och sätta dit en bättre lösning. Normalt handlar det om att man vill få ned ljudnivån men även temperaturen kan sjunka...

International Review By PCBrain on 85

Zalman è una società coreana incentrata sulla produzione di componenti destinati al settore informatico. Nel suo catalogo troviamo molte soluzioni, anche se i loro prodotti di punta sono case e dissipatori. Quest oggi andremo a recensire un...