Origin Genesis 2011

  • Origin Genesis 2011
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  • Stable 5GHz overclock, Myriad of configuration options, Grown-up good looks, Quiet performance, Reasonably priced considering what’s inside.
  • Categoryleading general performance.
  • The gaming PC gives you countless customization options.


  • Elaborate liquidcooling limits internal access.
  • Customer support isn't Origin's strong suit.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Digital Trends on 90

Origin’s Genesis desktop gaming PC, an overclocked triple-SLI liquid-cooled beast of a machine, not only delivers the frame rates, but also gets all the details...

By AnandTech on

Now that we've been getting a fairly steady influx of desktop machines from boutiques, Origin PC is stepping into the ring by sending us their go-to flagship model, the Genesis. Origin is a boutique founded by former Alienware executives, and is...

By PCWorld on 90

Origin’s Genesis is back, armed with an impressive 5GHz overclock on its Intel Sandy Bridge CPU. It powers its way to the top of our charts, delivering the fastest results we’ve ever seen, at a price that’s actually a bit lower than...

By TopTenREVIEWS on 75

If you want to customize your computer from the ground up this may be the system for...