Zotac Nano XS AD13 Plus

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By PC Mag on 70

The Zotac ZBox Nano XS AD13 Plus is a neat little box that will fit nicely into your home entertainment system. However, you don't get much in the way of performance with this nettop, and you'll have to supply your own operating...

By on 86

The ZBOX is designed and aimed at people who want a 1080P capable media streaming PC with a very small footprint and ZOTAC have captured this idea and brought it to life in only a way that (I feel) ZOTAC could. It's small, plays full HD video without a...

By PCAdvisor on 80

The miniest of mini PCs, the Zotac Nano XS AD13 occupies less space than the cables you’ll be plugging into it. Performance is merely adequate in numerical terms, but highly impressive when you consider the PCs tiny dimensions. Excellent connectivity options are provided, but Wi-Fi comes via an external bundled adaptor.

By PC Advisor on 80

If you're looking for the smallest PC possible, then the contest is over. All the Nano XS has to do is work, and you'll be satisfied. However, it does rather more than that. See also Group test: What's the best budget PC? Despite its almost ridiculous...

By Computer Shopper on 80

The four-inch-square AD13 Plus, a refresh of last year’s AD12 Plus, performs quiet, low-key HTPC duties on a budget. The only catch: You supply the OS and peripherals....

By RWLabs on 90

It’s a very fluid small nano PC that has all the capabilities one would want in a daily driver for checking email, playing Facebook games or even watching 1080P movies in the living room.

By XtremeTechJunkies on 100

One is unlikely to regret purchasing a unit as long as the drawbacks outlined in this review are well understood. The ZBOX Nano XS AD13 Plus has an MSRP of $315. That’s a very fair price considering the hardware and accessories included with the system.

By Real World Labs on

Now that testing has been completed and I have had the chance to play around with this ZBOX for the last week, we will start my final thoughts with the appearance of the unit. From the moment I opened the box and pulled out this new ZBOX, I was...

International Review By Tweakers on 100

Inleiding: Dit is mijn eerste review, dus mochten er op of aanmerkingen hoor ik dit graag. De reden dat ik deze barebone heb aangeschaft is dat ik een kleine en snelle XBMC...

International Review By on

ZBOX Nano XS AD13 PLUS z powodzeniem zastąpi ograniczenia płynące z systemów SmartTV znajdujących się w nowych telewizorach. Bez problemy pozwoli na odtwarzanie sieciowe plików muzycznych czy filmów. Niski pobór prądu pozwoli nam ograniczyć wydatki w...

International Review By on

Пришло время подвести итог. Безусловно, главной особенностью Zotac ZBOX nano XS AD13 Plus является его сверхкомпактный размер, благодаря которому девайс остаётся практически незаметен на рабочем столе, ведь он меньше практически любого современного Wi-Fi...

International Review By on

Najnowszy produkt Zotaca pod względem zewnętrznej budowy nie różni się niemal wcale od wersji AD11 Plus. Różnice tyczą się przede wszystkim specyfikacji technicznej testowanego tutaj urządzenia. Pod względem wyposażenia mamy to samo co w starszej...