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The Sapphire Edge VS8 ships with AMD’s quad-core A8-4555M clocked at 1.6GHz, 4GB of DDR3 memory, AMD Radeon HD 7600G graphics and 500GB of storage. The VS8 also sports a microSD card slot, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, 802.11 b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth 3.0.

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By TechSpot on 80

The idea of shrinking hardware hasn't been overlooked by manufacturers as several are now feature space-saving designs based on mobile hardware. Such is the case with Sapphire's new Edge VS8 mini-PC powered by AMD's A8 APU.

By TechSpot on 80

While full-sized desktop computers are still around, tablets and smartphones have proven that technology has come far enough to essentially cram a fully capable computer into a space that is suitable for your pants pocket, a purse, or a small backpack....

By on 100

The VS8 is supplied without an operating system, so you'll have to get your own and bung it on a USB stick. It's good if you like Linux or want to dabble with the SteamOS Beta (this would make a great client for Steam In-Home Streaming, reviewed here ),...

By Expert Reviews on 60

This mini PC has a versatile selection of ports, but its sluggish performance will be a turn off for...

By on 70

The Sapphire Edge VS8 is the only machine in this test to include an AMD processor. The chip used here is one of the firm's APUs, and that means it includes a double hit of performance: it crams one of AMD's processors and a Radeon graphics core into the...

By Maximum PC on 80

Considering how poorly AMD's A-series APU did in our Budget Builds story, you'd think that type of chip would be outclassed by its AM3+ siblings and Intel's crew in all scenarios. But, while that's true in the case of big desktops, when you miniaturize...

By InsideHW on

We've encountered a few Sapphire Edge Mini PC computers. It's a HTPC computer of small dimension, and every subsequent Edge Mini PC that we've received for testing was noticeably better. With the advent of AMD APU, we expected that Sapphire will present...

By PCAdvisor on 80

The Edge VS8 delivers somewhat unimpressive general performance, but really comes into its own with multimedia and gaming where it can outclass the competition. A good set of connectivity options is provided, along with a roomy 500GB hard drive. It can function well as a stand-alone family entertainment hub and is available at a very low price.

By RealWorldLabs on 80

Overall, the VS8 is one of the nicest MiniPCs I have tested,and while I did have a few issues I have no doubt they will be fixed. When we spoke in the beginning of the article we said pricing was set at 500$ USD, this puts the Sapphire in favor with units of similar performance such as the ZBOX ID83 Plus.

By Real World Labs on

Looking first at the build quality and aestectics of the Sapphire EDGE VS8, there isn't much to fault them on,the exterior of the VS8 has a rubber texture that feels like it may add some sort of durability to the unit. However,while the inclusion of...

By PC World on 60

The desktop PC isn't dead, it's just shrinking. There's a new breed of miniature marvels on the market, and they boast a nonexistent footprint when attached to the back of a display. Unlike some micro-size, micro-priced computers—the $35 Raspberry Pi,...

By GadgetReview on 80

For less than $500 this is a dynamite product. It’s super small and packs more premium features than you might believe for such an affordable desktop.

By TechPowerUp on 94

Those worried about what Sapphire could install within the full system should grab the barebone unit with an SSD and their choice of memory. With such a configuration, the VS8 will not only manage to impress in3D applications and games, but also in everyday use.

By techPowerUp! on 94

The Sapphire Edge VS8 may cost a bit more than most other units, but it offers an excellent price to performance ratio. The other comparable unit would be the brand new ID83 from Zotac. It costs around 10% more and offers a dual-core CPU with Intel...

By FudZilla on 100

All in all the Edge VS8 is very good mini PC with a speedy CPU and killer GPU. It is more than just another alternative to Atom and Brazos based systems, in terms of performance it is in a league of its own. In spite of that, the power consumption is low, it is quieter than other HD-series systems and at €379 it isn’t too expensive...

By on 90

Kitguru has reviewed many of the diminutive, versatile Sapphire EDGE systems in the last couple of years. We reviewed the EDGE HD3 in February 2012, powered by the AMD E450 and the EDGE VS8 in December 2012, powered by the AMD A8 4555M APU. In...

By on 60

The popularity of small-form-factor systems illustrates just how much power it's possible to get these days without shelling out for a full-size machine, but Sapphire's latest system takes this to extremes. The Edge VS8 contains an AMD APU with both...

By on

The Sapphire Edge VS8 offers reasonable performance and has decent specifications. The CPU is pretty slow, but the AMD Radeon GPU is powerful enough that it makes this mini-PC a very good alternative for an HTPC. We found the VS8 to be a little too...

By PC Pro on 50

Sapphire's tiny PC looks the part, but poor performance from the AMD APU and a high price leave it lagging behind the...

By HardwareHeaven on 80

So that brings us to value where at £350 without a copy of Windows we have a versatile, compact system which offers plenty of flexibility in terms of changing memory and hard drive in the future. It also performs general computing and media tasks well. The fact that it is also well built and looks good are added bonuses.