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The Radeon HD 7990 is dual-GPU graphics card from AMD packing 8.6 billion transistors, 4096 stream processors, 8.2 TFLOPS computer power, 6GB GDDR5 and 576GB/s memory bandwidth. The GPU core of the HD 7990 is clocked at 1000MHz, while the memory is clocked at 1500MHz (6.0GHz DDR).

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechSpot on 85

If AMD can improve frame time performance as they claim to be in the process of doing, then the 7990 could certainly become a real problem for the GTX 690 and GTX Titan. In the meantime, the Titan presents the safest bet for extreme performance at this privileged price point.

By EuroGamer on

But in the here and now, while we came out of the exercise disappointed that the sheer horsepower offered by the HD 7990 still doesn't translate into an overall gameplay experience that we can wholeheartedly recommend without reservations, it's clear that the price/performance ratio of the existing GCN line in general is ramping out significantly...

By TechRadar on 80

As impressive a feat of engineering as this beast is, there are faster, smoother and cheaper graphics arrays available, and much better enthusiast experiences to be had elsewhere.

By TechRadar AU on 80

As effective as the cooling is, The AMD Radeon HD 7990 is never going to have the premium aesthetic of the GTX Titan. In graphics card terms, it looks like a super car - it's practically got alloys. And if we take straight-line performance out of the...

By The Tech Report on

If you have any sort of graphics setup that relies of AMD's CrossFire technology, you'll want to download the Catalyst 13.8 beta and install it right away. Since AMD has wisely decided to enable frame pacing by default, gamers should see the benefits of...

By Tom's Hardware on

AMD: It Shouldn't Be Doing That As of press time, AMD confirms that the throttling behavior I observed is indeed Tahiti's thermal protection mechanism in action. However, it claims that Radeon HD 7990 should not be doing this in CrossFire. And yet,...

By Expert Reviews on 100

It’s expensive but astoundingly fast and should keep you playing the latest games at high resolutions for years...

By PCAdvisor on 70

Neither is quite fast enough nor sufficiently technologically advanced to oust its two main rivals, leaving the 7990 as a good card in search of a compelling reason for being. A price cut may well provide it with that reason, but until then it'll likely remain a second choice to most users.

By PC Advisor on 70

For some years now, AMD has stopped short of bringing out a true high-range graphics chip, choosing instead to take its best chip and place two of them on the same card. Given that the 7990 follows in this line – essentially bolting two 7970 Tahiti chips...

By InsideHW on

AMD Radeon HD 7990: Game of Thrones - Season Three Having the fastest video card is a matter of prestige, and both NVIDIA and AMD know it all too well. Even though it’s more about publicity, rather than practical application, all companies want to be...

By Good Gear Guide on 85

AMD’s latest and greatest Radeon isn’t built on particularly new processing technology, but it’s nonetheless very powerful, and surprisingly quiet even running flat-out. If you’re looking for the current top dog, this is it, but we’re not sure how...

By DigitalVersus on 80

Before releasing its new-gen graphics cards, AMD seemed intent on claiming the title of fastest model on the market. That has definitely been achieved with the Radeon HD 7990. This twin-GPU graphics card beats its competitors on performance, but it's not...

By The Tech Report on

AMD has built a mighty fine piece of hardware in the Radeon HD 7990. Consistently high FPS averages attest to its potential as the single most powerful graphics card in the world. At the same time, the 7990 is exceptionally quiet under load. Throw in...

By PC Pro on 83

Blazing speed, but this dual-GPU card is too expensive for all but the most extreme of...

By IT Pro Portal on 70

The Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan is still the fastest single-GPU card on the market, but if you're looking for a dual-GPU solution, the AMD Radeon HD 7990 is a worthy competitor. Its overall performance is comparable to the Nvidia GTX 690 (or a pair of...

By TweakTown on

What we're seeing today with AMD Radeon HD 7990 overclocking is really disappointing and there really seems little reason why performance would be impacted in such a negative way in some areas. Performance is really all over the place from strong...

By HardOCP on

You have to give it to AMD for the design and engineering that went into the development of the video card. It is top-notch. AMD has achieved a cool running, silent dual-GPU video card. The Radeon HD 7990 is a bit late to market, likely overpriced, and weak in comparison to 7970 CrossFire, at least it is finally here.

By Guru3D on 100

With that in mind, we can definitely recommend the Radeon HD 7990 to the ones that can afford a card of this caliber, it really is a top pick, but sure with some mixed feeling. It's not cheap but it is incredibly fun and silent. And with a product that is just loaded with performance it will certainly bring a smile to the faces of many.

By TomsHardware on

No matter what, $1,000 is a lot of money to spend on a graphics card accompanied by a handful of caveats. But if you’re able to extract a couple hundred bucks of value from the bundle, AMD’s suggested retail price gets a little softer. Interested parties should expect to wait a couple of weeks for availability, the company says.

By on 70

A well-designed powerhouse of a card that gives as good as it gets from the very comparable NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690, the choice of which one to go for simply boils down to which brand you have more faith in: AMD or NVIDIA. If it was our money on the table we'd go with the slightly cheaper but performance-comparable GTX 690.