MSI GeForce GTX 480 1.5GB PCIe Lightning

  • MSI GeForce GTX 480 1.5GB PCIe Lightning
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  • Better cooling system.
  • Nicely quiet.
  • Great singleGPU performance.


  • It is still a GTX480, so draws a lot of power.
  • Small overclock out of the box.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on

The MSI GTX 480 Lightning is a spectacular looking card with the Twin Frozr III cooling solution installed on it. The MSI Afterburner software is extremely easy to use and makes overclocking the Lightning quick and painless. The voltage measuring...

By Expreview on

Born For OverclockingWe have a detailed introduction and test towards MSI N480GTX Lightning,and believed that you have get to know its special function and overclocking performance well.Under the help of Twin Frozr III cooler and triple-overvoltage...

By PCWorld India on 88

The MSI N480GTX Lightning is a customized take upon the Nvidia GeForce GTX 480. While already known to be powerful out of the box, this card adds some more to the party. The additions include a better cooling design, a factory overclock for more...

By Guru of 3D on

MSI GeForce GTX 480 Lightning gets tested MSI a week or two ago finally launched their new GeForce GTX 480, this is the Lightning edition that has been pimped up and equipped for extreme overclocking, especially with sub-zero cooling like LN2, for...

By HardOCP on

With its LN2 features, the MSI N480GTX Lightning is a great video card for those interested in truly extreme overclocking. For the rest of us, however, its effectiveness is somewhat limited by that fact that if you aren’t going to be breaking...

By Overclock3D on 90

If you're the kind of reader who zips straight here then you might be wondering how the MSI N480GTX Lightning will fare under the scrutiny of the OC3D guys.If you read the review though, you already know exactly what we think.The MSI N480GTX...

By techPowerUp! on 87

MSI's GeForce GTX 480 Lightning delivers the most complete feature set targeted at overclockers available today. The card offers software voltage control for up to three voltages, combined with MSI's Afterburner overclocking tool, this makes...

International Review By Hardware-Test on 77

Så er vi nået til konklusionen, med GTX-480 Lightning har MSI forsøgt at levere overclockerens gudekort. Og mens kortet viser nogle gode ideer, så er jeg skuffet jeg har ofte har fat i gode MSI produkter, men dette kort føles...

International Review By CowcotLand on

Que penser de cette GTX 480, déjà elle est capable de réconcilier n’importe quel Geek avec la 480, température et bruit sont plus que maitrisés. La Lightning est la carte de tout les superlatifs, puissantes, imposantes,...

International Review By 01Net on 80

Alors que la GeForce GTX 580 remplace officiellement la GTX 480, MSI sort – encore – une version de cette dernière. Le constructeur de composants et de PC portables est bien décidé à mettre sa N480GTX Lightning sur le...

International Review By Hardware Upgrade on

L'uscita di questa recensione potrebbe risultare a molti un po' anacronistica: martedì è stato il giorno del debutto ufficiale di NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580, la nuova soluzione destinata alla fascia alta del mercato (479 euro iva inclusa)...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Met de N480GTX Lightning laat MSI opnieuw zien dat het goed weet welke wensen die-hard videokaart-overklokkers hebben en dat men daar ook als geen ander op kan inspelen. Met ingrijpende wijzigingen aan het complete kaartontwerp heeft MSI een GeForce...

International Review By Hardwareluxx on

MSI hat die N480GTX Lightning zu einem Zweck entworfen: dem maximalen Overclocking der GeForce GTX 480. Dies ist auch gelungen, leider aber ist ihr die GeForce GTX 580 dazwischen gekommen, welche das Modell von MSI bereits mit Standard-Takt in allen...

International Review By Nexthardware on 100

Dopo alcuni mesi di esclusiva NVIDIA, anche i Partners hanno potuto produrre versioni personalizzate delle GeForce GTX 480 e MSI non si è lasciata sfuggire questa “ghiotta” occasione, lanciando sul mercato una scheda dedicata...

International Review By Pc Tuner on

La MSI N480GTX Lightning è una soluzione tecnicamente e prestazionalmente superba. La qualità costruttiva non teme confronti e la rielaborazione del PCB apporta funzionalità concrete che possono aiutare i clocker a stabilire nuovi record...