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  • Amazing imagery, Deep, clean bass, Crisp highs and mid ranges, Quality construction, Lots of accessories.


  • Ear fatigue after prolonged use, Metal initially feels cold to the touch, Passive noise reduction is better on competitors, not a big deal though, People sitting next to you can hear the music, sound leakage.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Headfonia on

The world of audio, like everything else in the retail business, is heavily affected by the consumer’s perception of a brand. Though Atomic Floyd’s founder, James Strong, have successfully created a new brand with good and positive vibes, it...

By Digital Trends on 85

Atomic Floyds innovative twist-to-fit earbuds roll top-notch materials and incredible sonic performance into one stunning...

By Pocket-lint on 80

We can't fault the look of the TwistJax as they do look sensational, but we can't justify the cost compared to the performance of the similarly-designed Philips...

By on 80

Hefty headphones sure, but worth a look if you fancy a new pair of in-ear...

By on 60

For some people, trying to fit in-ear headphones into their lugholes can be an awkward and painful experience.'s Twist Jax offer a solution that's hinted at in the model name. The earbuds can rotate on their fittings (it's referred to as...

By GadgetSpeak on 80

Our ears are as individual as the rest of us and with TwistJax Atomic Floyd aims to provide a perfect fit for all, combined of course with superb sound....