Grado Labs GR-8

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  • Excellent audio performance, Secure, lightweight fit, No frills design with a cable that doesn’t tangle easily.
  • The Grado In-Ear GR8 headphones employ a versatile sound signature that complements multiple musical genres, and a lightweight architecture adds comfort.
  • Highly accurate sound, Solid performance to price ratio, Lightweight and extremely comfortable.


  • Distorts slightly at maximum volume on deep bass tracks, No iPhone controls or extra features, No carrying case or pouch.
  • In typical Grado fashion, the GR8s don't come with any accessories, and the small ear tips may present fit issues for some users.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Mag on 80

A lack of extra features or carrying case can't hold the Grado GR8 headphones back from shining—audiophiles will not be disappointed....

By cnet on 73

The Grado GR8 headphones boast level resonance and audiophile-quality acoustics, but they're currently overpriced for the average...

By Enjoy the Music on

If you've been paying attention you'd notice that in more than one review I've mentioned that audiophiles are quite lucky to be a participant in high-end audio at this point in time. This should be obvious: No matter if one chooses analog or...

By Digital Trends on 80

Grado steps into the 21st century with the aptly named GR8, a high-end in-ear headphone that upholds the company’s outstanding reputation for great sound with no...

By on 80

could easily ignore the in-ear market, safe in the knowledge that it manufactures some of the finest ‘on-ear' headphones that money can buy. But no: Grado is branching out into this sector with a pricey pair costing £300.The GR8s...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

Those of you who know your audio onions should be well aware that Grado has an excellent reputation in the audio arena. From its ungodly expensive PS1000 'professional series' to the more consumer-friendly headphones, it isn't too hard to...

By MyMac on 80

The latter is tricky, because of differences between manufacturer and Internet pricing, and because each brand and model of headphones has its own fit and audio characteristics that affect the listener experience. Hearing the same recordings with...

By Computeractive on 60

Good quality but not by enough to justify the price...