Phitek Blackbox i10

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  • Noise cancellation, comfortable, good frequency responce, affordable, extremely clear sound.


  • Only iPhone/iPod compatible, affects iPhone antenna.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Macworld Australia on 80

If you’re a regular flyer and don’t like carrying around chunky noise-cancelling headphones, I can’t recommend the i10s enough. They’ll easily fit in your pocket, or if you want to protect them a bit better, in the included carry...

By on 100

Never heard of ? Well, they design noise-cancelling headphones for some of the biggest brands around, so they have our attention. What's more, the Blackbox i10 earphones are the first we've seen to connect directly to Apple's 30-pin...

By Smarthouse on 90

The most important thing to remember is that the Blackbox i10 can only be used on iPods. Unlike other earphones in the market, it plugs directly into the iPod dock connector. There is no need to purchase a battery to activate its noise-cancelling...

By Know Your Mobile on 80

The Blackbox i10 headphones provide brilliant noise cancellation and very crisp sound. That said, they are only compatible with iPhones and iPods, which will irritate non-Apple...

By Trusted Reviews on 80

The Blackbox i10 noise-cancelling earphones are one of the uncommon products we get through the TrustedReviews doors that leave us wondering "why hasn't someone thought of this before?" It's entirely possible that there's a good reason...

By TechRadar on 90

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Apple's white iPod headphones are crap.Which is why a whole industry has sprung up around replacing the things, despite their iconic status on billboards and in TV adverts.Joining the fray is...

By PCWorld New Zealand on 80

If cellphone half-conversations and grinding gears make you feel murderous on your morning commute, these earphones are for you.The latest from the noise cancelling geniuses at Phitek, the Blackbox i10 earphones are the first in the world to plug...