Art Lebedev Optimus Maximus Keyboard

  • Art Lebedev Optimus Maximus Keyboard
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  • Changing key icons show functions in many situations. Includes several application-specific layouts and complete manual configuration. Some on-key feedback shows information from your Mac.
  • Fully programmable, Brilliant displays, Can display video.
  • Completely unique, Powerful options for customizing, OLED displays are stunning in the right conditions


  • Pricey. Takes heavy pressure to activate keys, causing RSI concern. No companyprovided sets for Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, iPhoto, Firefox, iMovie, or other Mac apps. Not enough variety in live, onkey data. Letter keys are slightly larger than normal.
  • Extremely high price, Shoddy build quality, Requires external power source, Sticky/slippery keys.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Trusted Reviews on 50

What seems like aeons ago, news spread of a company called Art Lebedev intending to produce a keyboard where each and every key would have a full colour OLED display embedded in it, allowing it to display whatever you want. You could flip...

By Mac|Life on 60

The Optimus Maximuss in-key displays offer an exciting, innovative interface. But too-heavy key action kills its futuristic versatility. Its uncomfortable for plain-old...

By ConnectReviews on

In a recent review, I knocked the Das Keyboard for having a high price point. Little did I know that I hadnt seen the beginning of an expensive keyboard. Today we review the Optimus Maximus Keyboard, with a MSRP of around $1600 USD. However, how...

By Digital Trends on

Video Review: Have you ever wished you could change the keys on your keyboard to something else, say for gaming or a specific application you are using? Do things that glow in the dark intrigue you? How about an item that makes people crowd around...

By ComputerPowerUser on 80

20,000 hours OLED glow life; 160-degree viewing angle; SD card slot; two USB 2.0 ports; USB and DC power connections required; one-year warranty Even before Russian designer Artemy Lebedev released the 113-key Optimus Maximus in 2007, the hype machine...

By Digital Trends on 60

Its hard to knock a device we wanted to like so badly based on its premise, but theres no escaping that the Optimus Maximus makes a pretty dismal typing device. As a piece of art and a technological achievement, it certainly deserves...

By cnet on 63

As impressive as we find the Optimus Maximus keyboard in concept, the $1,600 price tag overwhelms its real world benefits. We can only recommend this keyboard to those most charmed by this unique keyboards novelty. Specifications: Dimensions (W x D x...

By Pocket-lint on

We can honestly say we were...

By Ubergizmo on

Optimus Maximus Keyboard Hands-On Posted on: January 10, 2008 [CES 2008] We played with the (elusive) Optimus Maximus OLED keyboard from Art Lebedev and here are our first impressions: as we expected from the previous photos, the keyboard is quite...