Cherry G80-3000


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By on 90

It's impossible to have a group test of mechanical keyboards without including the king of the keyboard itself, Cherry. After all, it's Cherry who manufactures the switches that separate the mechanical from the rest of the bunch, and it's Cherry which...

By PCAdvisor on 80

The Cherry G80-3000 is like a Timex watch running a Rolex movement. The case is serviceable but designed down to a price; but the bits that make it tick are really quite special. If you can get passed the flexy chassis and can live without key navigation dimples, at around £60 the G80-3000 gives you high-end and timely typing...

By PC Advisor on 90

No review of mechanical keyboards would be complete without a Cherry keyboard. The German company has become synonymous with high-quality Qwerty PC keyboards, in large part thanks to its manufacture of the mechanical switches that underlie a great many...

International Review By on 80

Zum erschwinglichen Einstiegspreis bietet das G80-3000LPCDE-2 Keyboard genau das, was sich die meisten Zocker erwarten: eine recht gute Verarbeitungsqualität und einen präzisen Tastenanschlag. Anwender die über den Kauf einer mechanischen Tastatur...

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안녕하세요 눈팅유저 앙겠썸이라구 합니다.이번에 근 2년만에 새로 중고로 기계식키보드를 장만하게되어 미흡하지만 리뷰를 남겨보려구합니다.메인컴 부재시 노트북을 사용했는데 펜타그래프의 그 키감과 어정쩡한 타이핑 자세때문에 짜증이 났습니다.그래서 키보드를 하나 장만해야되나 싶었는데 좋은 매물을 보자말자 질러버렸습니다 ㅡ,.ㅡ;;;체리 G80-3000 LQMEU 백축입니다. 넌클릭 백축이라고합니다.체코에서 왔네요. 박스에서 세월의 흔적이 느껴집니다.아아 크고...

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成本與構造上的差異。 目前市面上的鍵盤設計的結構大致來說可分為薄膜式跟機械式兩種。機械式的發展比較早,但是因為機械組件成本非常高昂而逐漸被製造成本相對低廉的薄膜式鍵盤取代。 不過機械式鍵盤的機械式結構替打字者所帶來的穩定紮實手感以及長時間使用上的耐用程度都是薄膜式鍵盤難以望其項背的。在需要專業鍵盤使用的領域,機械式鍵盤一直都佔有一席之地。 CHERRY ?那裡來的櫻桃牌? ...