Razer Deathstalker Ultimate

  • Razer Deathstalker Ultimate
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  • Switchblade UI.
  • Adjustable multi-color backlight.
  • Great touchscreen.


  • Mediocre keys.
  • Some minor bugs remain with touchpad.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Expert Reviews on 80

One of the most comprehensive gaming keyboards around, but it’s incredibly expensive...

By TechRadar AU on 80

You wait all year for a super-expensive gaming keyboard with touchscreen controls and then two turn up at once. Following hot on the crazy-priced heels of the Mad Catz STRIKE 7 comes this ultra stylish, ultra techie riposte from peripherals guru...

By Overclock3D on 87

So let's get the elephant in the room dealt with. No, if you're solely after a keyboard for typing and don't plan at all on gaming to the degree you need a spare screen with some cool features, this is too expensive for your needs. But, and this is a...

By HardwareHeaven on 80

Video review without...

By PCAuthority on 75

Ultimately, though, it is bit of an unnecessary gadget. It’s great on the Blade, where it’s more tightly integrated with the overall machine, but on a keyboard it seems a bit cludgy, not to mention excessive in terms of cost.

By PCAdvisor on 60

Early adopters and LAN partiers in need of a little extra braggadocio may embrace the Deathstalker Ultimate purely on the promise of being able to check Twitter on their keyboard between bouts of Counter-Strike, and MMORPG players will appreciate the extra screen space and programmable hotkeys afforded by the Switchblade UI...

By PCWorld India on

PC enthusiasts expect to pay extra for premium peripherals, and Razer's new Deathstalker Ultimate ($250) pushes that expectation to the breaking point by including a flashy new touchscreen interface that's unlike anything we've ever seen in a gaming...

By TechHive on

Building a beautiful LCD touchscreen and ten programmable LED keys into a gaming keyboard is a neat idea, but in practice the Switchblade interface feels more like a gimmick than a useful feature. Opening apps like Twitter or Facebook on your keyboard instead of your browser is pointless...

By RipTen on 75

I’d recommend looking at the DeathStalker, which is functionally very similar (just without the Switchblade). We’re keeping our eye on the progress of the Switchblade UI and we’ll keep you posted as more developers sign on with unique applications for the embedded screen.

By PCWorld on 60

The gimmicky features and average performance of this unique gaming keyboard don't justify the premium price.

By GadgetReview on 70

The Deathstalker Ultimate is unlike any keyboard we’ve seen thus far. The full capacitive keyboard will turn many heads. Plus general keyboard performance is excellent. I can easily recommend this one as I know Razer is committed to enhancing the longevity of that touch screen with more gamer-targeted applications.

By PC Mag on 70

The Razer DeathStalker Ultimate is the only gaming keyboard to consider, if you want to use Razer's Switchblade UI without shelling out the price of a premium gaming laptop. For everyone else, however, there are better (and cheaper) options out...

By Destructoid on

Is the Razer Deathstalker Ultimate the ultimate PC gaming keyboard? Maybe for you. For me, the best gaming keyboard is one with dependable WASD keys and a space bar that isn't bouncy or noisy. I love the Switchblade trackpad and assignable buttons, but they're a luxury that I can't see myself using often enough for the outlay.

By Examiner on 80

I suspect my absolute dream keyboard would be a Razer Black Widow Ultimate (with its awesome mechanical keys) paired with an adjustable tilt-screen Switchblade UI, conveniently located on the left-hand side of the keyboard in the area around the ESC-F1-F2 keys (although the price of such a beast would probably send shivers down one’s spine).

International Review By Tweakers on 80

Ok, voordat we beginnen met de review eerst even twee dingen uit de weg ruimen: Standaard reactie 1: OMG heb je echt zoveel geld uitgegeven voor een toetsenbord?? - Jazeker, en ik...

International Review By targethd.net on

Mais um produto em análise no TargetHD . E mais um produto pensado nos gamers de plantão. Dessa vez, a assessoria da Razer enviou o Deathstalker Ultimate, um teclado pensado prioritariamente nos jogadores convictos, com ajustes e recursos específicos...

International Review By i2hard.ru on

Подводя итоги, хотелось бы отметить уникальность устройства - наличие сенсорного экрана, 10 тактильных клавиш с визуальным отображением иконок, многоцветовая подсветка, удобная запись макро команд и использование с помощью встроенного блока макро клавиш,...

International Review By 5pit.tw on

看膩了電競鍵盤不是軸承不同,就是巨集鍵多寡的設計嗎?Razer DeathStalker Ultimate 絕對顛覆你對鍵盤的想像。Razer 在去年八月時就已經發表 Razer DeathStalker Ultimate ,是一款結合螢幕觸控板電競鍵盤,具備 Switchblade UI 介面,有玩過 Razer Blade 遊戲筆電的朋友應該對這介面不陌生。Switchblade UI 介面可與遊戲、音樂、社群網站、收發郵件做完美的搭配,並以 ICON...

International Review By TecMundo on

Embora o DeathStalker Ultimate seja embasado em uma ideia interessante, a maneira como ela é executada deixa a desejar. Mesmo oferecendo uma experiência de uso confortável no geral, as limitações que envolvem a tela de toque do produto fazem com que ele...

International Review By techtrendy.pl on

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate to bardzo rozbudowana klawiatura z bardzo szybkim czasem reakcji. Umożliwia programowanie klawiszy i wyświetlanie najważniejszych informacji z gry na panelu LCD. Niestety jej cena jest bardzo wysoka. Gracze, zwłaszcza...