Dell XPS 12 - Intel Core i5

  • Dell XPS 12 - Intel Core i5
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  • Excellent performance.
  • Breathtaking 1080p display.
  • Travel-friendly design.


  • Poor port selection.
  • Big and heavy for a tablet.

Expert reviews and ratings

By ComputerWorld on

What you think about the XPS 12 will depend upon what you think about needing a single device to do double-duty as a tablet and a traditional PC.

By TechRadar on 70

Having tablet functionality is an added extra that enables you to get the best out of Windows 8 when you need it, which makes the Dell XPS 12 a real heavyweight, in every sense of the word.

By The Verge on 76

The Dell XPS 12 is a lovely laptop, and it does quite nicely as a portable multimedia machine. With a quality keyboard, you can type away, then flip it into stand or tablet modes and take advantage of the excellent (for a laptop) speakers...

By DigitalTrends on 90

The XPS 12 is a convincing first step for premium Windows convertibles. Its weight prevents it from standing in for a dedicated tablet, but this potential flaw is saved by the device’s excellence as an Ultrabook.

By Gizmodo on 60

You have to be a very specific kind of computer user to really love this one. The XPS's main virtue is that it's a great laptop that you can use like a real laptop—along with an awesome, touchable display.

By PC Advisor on

The Dell XPS12 Duo is a novel Ultrabook that can feasibly be used as both a laptop and a tablet, or though it isn’t up for debate that it makes a better laptop then it does tablet. It’s specs and price are reasonable, but not really...

By Computer Shopper on 80

Dell's first Windows 8 convertible is a doozy, combining ultrabook power and tablet functionality in a portable package with few compromises. It's big for a tablet, but the 1080p display is drool-worthy....

By cnet on 80

Dell has revamped its rotating Duo laptop concept into the much-improved XPS 12, but like most convertibles, it makes a better laptop than tablet.

By LaptopMag on 80

Featuring a well-designed flipping display and smooth performance, the Dell XPS 12 is a sleek Windows 8 Ultrabook that doubles as a tablet.

By Wired on 50

As a laptop, I have no real complaint with the XPS 12. But, tragically, it’s largely unusable as a tablet. This is a real problem given the $1,200 starting price tag. In a world of $800 ultrabooks with similar configurations, you’re paying...

By NotebookCheck on 86

So, has the convertible earned a purchase recommendation? After all, an iPad 3 costs, depending on the model, less than 500 Euros (~$651), whereas the XPS 12 will demand a high 1,199 Euros (~$1561), even in the basic configuration.

By engadget on

Even if you never use it in tablet mode, this 12.5-inch convertible is a solid Ultrabook in its own right.

By PCMag on 80

The Dell XPS 12 hybrid ultrabook/tablet features a flip-and-fold display, providing ultrabook specs and performance with tablet functionality.