Lenovo ThinkPad T431s Series

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T431s Series
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  • USB 3.0 only.
  • ThinkPad design and features remain intact.
  • Can be configured with Windows 7 or 8.


  • No flash storage.
  • No touch screen.

Expert reviews and ratings

By IT Pro Portal on 70

Ultimately, the choice of laptops falls to your IT buyer and the current installed base of systems. If you're a Lenovo shop, the Lenovo ThinkPad T431s is a worthy successor to the ThinkPad faithful, though the new trackpad may take a little while to get...

By Notebook Review on 70

The Lenovo ThinkPad T431s offers an exceptional design that few notebooks match at this price point. With its durable build quality, portable form factor and above average battery life, the T431s is the ideal travel notebook. Users can also rest assured...

By booredatwork.com on

The ThinkPad T431s is the thinnest T series ever featuring a sleek, innovative trackpad, enhanced keyboard and refined aesthetics. Lenovo designed the new T431s with these priorities in mind to directly enrich the user experience: The T431s is powered by...

By CNET Australia on 70

A buttoned-down T-series with some modern touches, the Lenovo ThinkPad T431s is a business laptop you won't mind traveling with unless you need the latest and greatest...

By PCWorld on 60

And without perks like a touchscreen and solid-state storage (the latter is available on other configurations), it’s hard to justify Lenovo’s higher-than-average price. Business users might continue to appreciate the ThinkPad’s sturdy design, security features, and comfy keyboard, but others will find more features and better performance for less money.

By PC World on 60

Lenovo's pricey new entry into the Ultrabook market caters deftly to business users, but it fails to deliver most of what's good about Ultrabooks: speed, portability, and...

By ComputerShopper on 70

This ThinkPad refresh brings the mainstay T Series closer to today's thin and light ultrabook standards. Business users will appreciate the superb keyboard, host of security options, and other features, but the redone touch pad and lackluster display may give them pause.

By mobilephonereviewss.com on

Lenovo's excellent Accutype keyboard is here with the smile shaped keys and great tactile feel. Travel is quite good for a highly portable machine, and this is a typist's dream. Keyboard backlight is available as an option, and our model has that...

By thunderbaylive.com on

Lisa Gade reviews the Lenovo ThinkPad T431s notebook. This is a business Ultrabook with a 14″, 1600 x 900 anti-glare display. It has the usual ThinkPad robust build and superb keyboard with optional backlight. It's available with Intel Core i5 and i7...

By MobileTechReview on 60

We love the new, slim look that Lenovo introduced with the ThinkPad T431s. For those who appreciate ThinkPads, this is a great looking, much more modern machine. From the thinner design to the drop down hinges and 180 degrees of display rotation, it's...

By NotebookCheck on 85

Lenovo ThinkPad T431s The renowned ThinkPad T Series was more or less stagnant in its visual design until the introduction of the Chiclet AccuType keyboard a little more than a year ago. The chassis changes on the T431s signify a move towards a more...

By DigitalTrends on 70

That’s not the current situation, however, so we can’t account for that in our score. As it stands today, the T431s is an excellent 14-incher for people interested in mobile productivity, but the price is a bit too high for the hardware.

By LaptopMag on 70

The Lenovo ThinkPad T431s is one of the lightest 14-inch business notebooks ever, with a full suite of ports and long battery life.

International Review By gagadget.com on

Некоторые свои особенности ноутбуки Lenovo Thinkpad унаследовали от одноименной серии IBM. И, надо сказать, несут их достойно, вопреки мнению скептиков, не играя на понижение. Типичный сын своих родителей, ноутбук для бизнеса Lenovo Thinkpad T по...

International Review By gelezki.info on

Lenovo ThinkPad T431s предлагает отличное качество по вполне адекватной цене. Компактные размеры, удачный подбор материалов, качественная сборка и длительное время работы от аккумулятора. В результате T431s является идеальным ноутбуком для поездок. Кроме...

International Review By PC-Welt.de on

Ein Core i5 mit mindestens 1,9 Gigahertz und vier Gigabyte Arbeitsspeicher tummeln sich im Lenovo ThinkPad T431s. Wie immer sehr langsam präsentiert sich die HD Graphics 4000 von Intel. Um die Bildausgabe kümmert sich ein 14 Zoll großer Bildschirm mit...

International Review By CNET France on 60

Voici le test du Le Lenovo Thinkpad T431s effectué en collaboration avec nos collègues américains de cnet.com . Le ThinkPad T431s est la résultante d'un mélange entre l'ancien et le nouveau. Tout comme les anciens ordinateurs portables de la série T, il...

International Review By mobiguru.ru on

Ультрабук Lenovo T431s порадует любителей корпоративного стиля во всем, даже в отношении гаджетов. Машинка прекрасно собрана, с удобной клавиатурой, качественным дисплеем, с большим количеством интерфейсов и приличным временем автономной работы. Очень...

International Review By ferra.ru on

Участь быть более мобильными ждёт теперь и ноутбуки, которые ориентированы на работу в различного рода коммерческих и государственных организациях. Вопрос этой самой мобильности тут же упирается в вопросы защиты данных, прочности устройства и наличия...

International Review By kuzniewski.pl on

Lenovo ThinkPad T431s okazał się produktem bardzo udanym i sprosta oczekiwaniom nawet bardzo wymagającego użytkownika biznesowego. Jest solidny, lekki i spodoba się wyznawcom thinkpadowskiego minimalizmu - tym bardziej, że nie oszczędzano na jakości...