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  • Very solid, holds up well in punishing conditions, Good feel, high laser sensitivity, Rear hinge great for travel and comfort.


  • Idering companies have failed at making good mobile mice for years, Mad Catzí first attempt is surprisingly good. The Eclipse Mobile Mouse has a sturdy build thanks to a metal frame and sits at either an incline or flat on a surface thanks to an adj

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By PC Advisor on 70

A couple of quibbles aside the Christmas-cracker scrollball and loose battery cover the Eclipse mobilemouse is a functional, smart-looking travel mouse. The flat-box, squarish shape sacrifices a little comfort even when raised by the...

By on 80

At $59.99, the Eclipse MobileMouse is a bit pricier than your average wireless mouse, but its solid construction makes it a fair price. If you think you would benefit from side-to-side scrolling, I would take a look at this rugged option. Disclosure:...

By GadgetReview on 80

Pros:Very solid, holds up well in punishing conditions Good feel, high laser sensitivity Rear hinge great for travel and comfort Cons:May be too big for some users No Bluetooth; requires included dongle Mobile mice are usually crap. They aren’t...