ThermalTake Tt eSports Volos Gaming Mouse

  • ThermalTake Tt eSports Volos Gaming Mouse
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  • Lift control.
  • Carrying bag.


  • Takes a little bit to get used to.
  • Users with small hands will have issues reaching forward buttons on left side.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Modders-Inc on

The Thermaltake Volos gaming mouse is available in two colors; Black and Combat White. It is nice to see that Thermaltake is not stuck on making just black accessories.Each user has a specific preference on which mouse they use. A mouse is a very...

By Overclockers Club on

The Tt eSPORTS Volos gaming mouse is a mess of a gaming mouse if I've ever had one. It is literally a kluged piece of work that smashes an Xbox controller with one from PlayStation and births a reject even to Darwin's standards. You can't hold it like a...

By Craving Tech on

Overall, the Tt eSPORTS Volos gaming mouse is a great gaming mouse, especially for palm grip gamers. The mouse is comfortable to hold and its weight balance can be tailored perfectly for you. It is almost entirely customisable to get better performance...

By TweakTown on 98

Coming out of the gate as blunt as I can, the Volos is large, wide-bodied and heavy - there is no way to get around those obvious traits - but the Volos still stands tall as Tt eSPORTS and Thermaltake also designed it to overcome these factors. While...

By PC Authority on 83

It really seems like we are in a golden age of gaming peripherals at the moment. Gamers are spoilt for choice, with several top-notch manufacturers producing a wide variety of different designs. This means nothing but good things for end users, as there...

By Neoseeker on

Putting all aspects of the Tt eSPORTS VOLOS together, it's quite difficult to really conclude on this mouse. I can see the audience and goal to which Tt eSPORTS is attempting to cater here: gamers looking for a macro-rich experience that provides...

By ThinkComputers on 90

I personally have never been a big fan of mice with this many buttons on the side. But I will have to say that the Tt eSports VOLOS has changed me on that. It has a solid build quality, it doesn't have that hollow feeling when you are using or holding...

International Review By on 98

Dopo aver terminato i nostri test sulle caratteristiche e le prestazioni di Volos, abbiamo provato una sorta di senso di compiacimento. Per quanto riguarda il packaging, l'azienda ha continuato a seguire la linea già vista in altri prodotti, come Black...

International Review By on

Bir zamanlar; Windows ekranı üzerindeki imleci hareket ettirmekle görevini yerine getirmiş sayılan fareler, genişbant internet bağlantısı nın standart hale gelmesi ve çok oyuncu destekli online oyunlara talebin artması ile artık saliselerle yarışır hale...

International Review By on 100

In conclusione troviamo che TteSPORTS VOLOS GAMING MOUSE sia un mouse sorprendente; preciso e resistente, con un design che accomoda lo stile futuristico tipico di Thermaltake con uno chassis solido e ben modellato. La possibilità di customizzare i led...

International Review By on

В данной модели, Thermaltake шагнули вперед. Они сохранили преимущества предшественников, добавив удобства. Дополнительные кнопки предназначеные для любителей MOBA-игр очень комфортно располагаются с бортов девайса, и не мешаются, если пользоваться ими...

International Review By on 90

Kaum zu glauben aber wahr: Für unter 60 Euro bietet der neuste Nager von Tt eSPORTS deutlich mehr als die gleichpreisige Konkurrenz. Die hochwertigen Bauteile und die saubere Verarbeitungsqualität können ebenso überzeugen wie die zahlreichen Tasten und...

International Review By on 56

Menurut kami, Volos merupakan sebuah mouse untuk game bertipe MMORPG yang cukup baik, karena mampu menampung hingga 140 makro pada 10 profile berbeda. Desain Volos yang menggunakan tombol-tombol penunjang aksi cepat yang mirip dengan konsol game Sony...