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  • Great for gaming.
  • Rotates into portrait mode.
  • A lot of connections.


  • DisplayMate revealed a few minor trouble spots.
  • Useless dynamic contrast ratio.

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Most IT product categories tend to evolve rapidly, but developments in computer monitors have been decidedly slower. Although larger screens are slowly becoming more affordable, the most common resolution remains 1920x1080 pixels. Nonetheless, this...

By TweakTown on

15 hours, 20 mins agoI recently purchased an ASUS PB278Q monitor for my daily use, and it's gorgeous. It's 2560x1440 resolution provides plenty of desktop real estate, but it only arrives with a 60Hz refresh rate. I feel like I'm substituting...

By TweakTown on

For over a year now, I've been using the Samsung S27A950D, which is a 1920x1080 panel, but includes a super-slick 120Hz refresh rate. I owned an HP LP3065 many years ago, which was a 30-inch display with a 2560x1600 resolution. I've always been a...

By VR-Zone on 90

After years of being stuck with the dreadful "movie-watching friendly" 1920x1080 displays in the mainstream, we're finally seeing some progress on the resolution and pixel density front, albeit mostly on the mobile tablets (the 2560x1600 Nexus 10...

By Tom's Hardware on

Until cutting-edge UHD (3840×2160) displays hit the mainstream, most enthusiasts have to be content with QHD monitors at 2560x1440 pixels. In the lab today, we have two more 27-inch QHD screens: the ZR2740w from HP and the PB278Q from Asus. It seems...

By Good Gear Guide on 90

ASUS’ PDB278Q monitor is a great choice for gamers, business users, or anyone who wants the best possible image quality from a reasonably-priced monitor. It has a few good preset modes, is well built, and has useful features. It’s not perfect, but...

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By Macworld Australia on 80

If you’re after a multimedia all-rounder that offers the benefit of 2560 x 1440 resolution and plenty of connectors, without breaking the bank, the Asus PB278Q should be on your shortlist.Related Tags: 27in, asus, display, macworld, macworld...

By CNET Australia on 80

Well-priced and powerful, the Asus PB278Q is the best entry point for those seeking an extreme-definition monitor at a not-so-extreme...

By Overclock3D on 87

Let's start with the monitor itself.It's huge. Make no mistake, the difference between even a 24" 1080P monitor, and the 27" ASUS offering is immense. The amount of screen real-estate available is glorious, and you really feel the benefit of the extra...

By ITProPortal on 80

So there’s no doubting this Asus offering is a tempting buy, although for only slightly more (£50 or so), the IPS-based Dell UltraSharp U2713HM offers similar performance and a more robust feature set.

By PCAdvisor on

The ASUS PB278Q is a very stylish WQHD monitor. The colour fidelity is great even with factory settings, and the monitor has a very high contrast and brightness.

By Hardware.Info on 85

The energy consumption is low and the features are fairly complete, even if we would have liked to have a USB 3.0 hub. The features that ASUS did add are practical especially for graphic designers.

By TechReviewsSource on 80

The Asus PB278Q 27-inch HD monitor utilizes the relatively new PLS panel technology which results in excellent color quality and wide viewing angles. While it is quite pricy and has no automatic pivot function, it's still a decent monitor that provides a good quality image.

By AnandTech on

The ASUS PB278Q is a very nice 27” display, and is a good debut for PLS but not an outstanding one. Perhaps if used in one of the ASUS ProArt models with higher end calibration and backlighting we could see if PLS can offer superior, not just equal...

By DigitalVersus on 80

Although the Asus PB278Q has some good and interesting features, its disappointing contrast and response time hold it back from a five-star review. They'll also be turn-off for...

By PC Mag on 80

The Asus PB278Q is a well equipped 27-inch monitor based on Plane to Line Switching (PLS) panel technology. You?ll pay more for this technology but receive awesome performance and a rich feature set in...

By HardwareCanucks on

If ASUS is able the lower their price by a fraction or other competing options loose their current rebates, the PB278Q would be a great option for budget constrained consumers who aren't willing to settle for TN monitors, and can dedicate...

By HotHardware on 95

Graphics professionals who demand the absolute best that money can buy may want to consider spending more on an IPS display. For everyone else, the PB278Q is a fine choice, especially gamers.

By HotHardware on

We came away mostly impressed with the ASUS PB278Q. The 27-inch panel proved especially adept at handling game play, where it delivered fast moving visuals free from artifacts like ghosting or motion blur. Backlight bleeding was non-existent, and...