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  • Ecoand walletfriendly, Builtin energy modes, Simple onscreen display.
  • The LED backlit Dell G2210 offers stellar all-around performance at a low price. Also, its onscreen display is intuitively designed and includes unique energy consumption options.
  • Made using recycled materials; cables are PVC free; several energy modes; can automatically adjust brightness based on room lighting; easy-to-read text; nice color.


  • Dull and washed out images.
  • The Dell G2210 is plainly designed, lacks ergonomic features, and doesnt have an HDMI connection. Also, unlike the G2410, its not Full HD.

Expert reviews and ratings

By BrightHub on 60

This computer display consumes, on average, 20.56 watts per hour when it is on and fully lit. CNET labs estimates that it costs about $6.47 to operate per year. These impressive figures can vary greatly,...

By Good Gear Guide on 75

The Dell G2210t 22-inch widescreen monitor is designed for the times offering an appealing price and lower energy consumption. Its an ideal choice for users seeking a solid display that can help curb overall costs....

By ConnectReviews on

A lot of cheaper monitors these days dont bother checking their power consumption, and are somewhat inefficient in power management, until today. Dell has managed to focus highly on greener monitors, and have released their G2210...

By cnet on 79

The Dell G2210 offers stellar performance and an energy conscious interface at a low...

By Macworld on 70

by Kalpana Ettenson, Macworld.com Dell has tapped into the current focus on the economy and the environment by producing the G2210, a 22-inch backlit LED display designed for both the wallet- and green-conscious. Dell claims the display is...

By PCWorld on

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By CNET Australia on 67

As an entry-level monitor the G2210 fares well enough, but better alternatives are available for only a little more...