• HP ZR30W
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  • Design.
  • Price.
  • S-IPS panel.


  • No OSD.
  • Only two connectors (DVI and DisplayPort).

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCMag on 60

The HP ZR30w is a massive 30-inch IPS monitor with an equally massive price tag. It offers good grayscale performance and wide viewing angles but its lack of picture settings and limited video inputs hold it back.

By Layers Magazine on 90

30″ DISPLAY FOR CREATIVE PROFESSIONALSWhat gets a creative person (designer, animator, photographer, etc.) drooling when you’re talking about hardware? A monitor with enough real estate to block the sun, and HP has just given us another...

By TechReviewSource on 60

The HP ZR30w is a 30-inch widescreen LCD dis play that's huge in screen space, but also has some really good performance, including great brightness. However, rather frustratingly, HP decided to leave out an onscreen display (OSD) menu with this...

By cnet on 68

The HP ZR30w lacks too many features to be competitive with other, lower-priced...

By TechRadar on 80

Think about computing giant HP and we suspect images of corporate cubes leap to mind more readily than sexy screens. But there's no doubting the new HP ZR30W is an absolute stunner.It's a 30-inch monster with a high-quality IPS panel and a...

By PC Pro on 83

HP’s gargantuan screen delivers luscious image quality, but it’s light on features compared to some...

By Maximum PC on 90

Fit for a Dream Machine You might recall seeing three of HP’s ZR30w 30-inch displays gracing the cover of our September “Dream Machine” issue. Considering our theme for that build was raw, wanton power, picking the ZR30w was an easy...

By HotHardware on

HP's new ZR30w offered exceptional performance in both our task-specific Everest image quality tests, as well as our subjective testing. Color uniformity was spot on, along with brightness and contrast that we've come to expect from a high-end...

By AnandTech on

The LCD market continues to be one of the frequently updated segments in the consumer electronics segment, as OEMs and vendors alike are eager to bundle their high-end, high performance displays with professional workstations. The ZR30w belongs to...

International Review By ExtraHardware on

Když se na trhu objevil monitor HP LP3065w, působil trochu jako zjevení. 30" kolos s IPS panelem za cenu kolem 30 000 Kč byl jako z říše snů. Nyní se na něj pokouší navázat panel HP ZR30w,...