Samsung 27TA950

  • Samsung 27TA950
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  • Very stylish and modern looks, Loaded with features as a TV (Smart Hub, DLNA, 3D library, etc.), 3D equipped, with included active 3D glasses, Great image quality and contrast as a TV


  • Poor viewing angle, High price if you're buying it as a 3D monitor, As a monitor, it offers too many redundant features that my computer already has

Expert reviews and ratings

By DreamWare Computers on

As our living rooms become more and more high tech, a lot of traditional components like our TVs and Blu-ray players are no longer standalone units in the corner. These devices are starting to interact with the internet for premium features, and other...

By VR-Zone on 85

The Samsung Series 9 TA950 3D LED HDTV monitor not only looks slim and stylish, but it also displays images and videos brilliantly and accurately. On top of that, it offers 3D viewing capabilities with the use of the bundled active-shutter 3D...

By DigitalVersus on 60

There's no two ways about it: the T27A950 is one of the best hybrid 3D monitors of the moment—if you want to use it more as a monitor. But if you compare it against the standard of today's TVs, it doesn't come close, with limited...

By Home Cinema Choice on 80

Samsung’s Series 9 TA950 drew big crowds when it was first unveiled at the 2011 CES. A hybrid Freeview HD 3D TV and PC monitor, it’s a leading-edge screen for your desktop that offers all the functionality of the brand’s high-end...