Biostar TZ68A+

  • Biostar TZ68A+
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  • Packed with added features not seen on some other products in the same price range, Clean, colorthemed and traditional layout, EFI BIOS with support for 3TB drives, Lucid Virtu support, Low price, yet lots of features, Better overclocking capability than


  • BIOS labels misleading in some cases, Crossfire limited to x16/x4 connectivity, Software not fully functional, no available updates as of yet, No way currently to update BIOS, due to the already mentioned software issue, Crossfire, but no SLI, Minimal USB

Expert reviews and ratings

By Overclock3D on 80

So how did the latest in a long line of Biostar motherboards do?Overclocking the TZ68A+ is simplicity, albeit slightly frustrating. Our 2500K is good for 5GHz on a great motherboard and the Biostar topped out at 4.7GHz. Not even a ridiculous bump in...

By techPowerUp! on 85

After spending several days with the Biostar TZ68A+, we walked away feeling quite impressed, although our list of pros and cons may not indicate so. For an entry-level product, the Biostar TZ68A+ is a fantastic option, and we can clearly see its...

International Review By Tom's Hardware on

Für die Redakteure von Tom’s Hardware ist die Entscheidung nicht einfach. Ein paar von uns nutzen gelegentlich FireWire, allerdings nicht oft genug, dass das unsere Entscheidung für oder gegen ein Motherboard...