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By on 80

ECS is known for having less expensive products than their competition and the ECS H55H-M motherboard is a perfect example of using a mainstream chipset without all of the bells and whistles of the competition to deliver a motherboard that costs less...

By HardwareHeaven on 80

Core i5-661 and H55/H57It is hard not to be impressed by Intels latest CPU/GPU and Chipset launch. They have taken the already very impressive Core range of processors, created a high performing dual core model and added to it an integrated...

By PCPer on

We like to thank ECS for providing the H55H-M for our review today. We've evaluated several H55 motherboards this year and overall been impressed with the capabilities provided by this chipset. It's low power consumption also makes it an ideal...

By PCQuest on

Good on performance but lacks supports for new technologies which is the downer for this board.Page(s) 1 I am interested in more information about this productI am interested in buying this productPrintCommentEmailDiggDel.icio.usRedditTwitter ...

By Phoronix on

If you are looking for a micro ATX motherboard that is compatible with Clarkdale's Core i3 and Core i5 processors whether it is just for a small form factor PC or is being built with intentions of media playback, the ECS H55H-M is a rather nice...

By Guru of 3D on

Now agreeably, this is not the most sexy looking motherboard in terms of aesthetics. But fair enough, the product isn't targeted to be that anyway. It is what it is and that certainly is good value for money. For not a lot of dough you get a proper...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Wie op zoek is naar een goedkoop Intel bord met Socket 1156 heeft de keuze tussen heel wat Intel H55 borden, die maar weinig verschillen. Wil je veel uitbreidingskaarten gebruiken, dan is de ASRock H55DE3, het enige ATX-bord in dit prijssegment, de...

International Review By Forum PCs on

Frequentemente vemos que a causa para a insatisfao dos usurios com o desempenho do computador deve-se incompatibilidade, no de componentes, mas de interesses, algumas pessoas querem obter altos nveis de desempenho com os...

International Review By Tech4PCs on

Seguro pensaran que es imposible que ambas sean las mejores. Cuando se tiene un presupuesto inferior a 90 dólares, no se piensa ocupar más de dos módulos RAM y no nos es importante contar con una salida HDMI, entonces la...

International Review By 59Hardware on

Rien de bien exceptionnel donc que eJIFFY et nous regrettons encore une fois l'absence de tout autre logiciel pour pouvoir overclocker ou monitorer la carte...

International Review By CHW on

Cuando comenzamos a revisar placas madres con zcalo LGA1156, partimos con placas madres de precios bastante elevados con precios muy restrictivos para la gran parte de todos nuestros usuarios.Sabemos que la gran parte de las placas madres que...

International Review By Noticias 3D on

Siguen llegando novedades para este 2010 y tenemos que hacer especial hincapié en la nueva plataforma H55/57 de Intel, puesto que no deja de ser una de las plataformas que más se venderá durante los próximos meses u años. Como...