A Valley Without Wind

  • A Valley Without Wind
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  • Tons of collectibles, Nice combat rhythm.


  • Little reward for your hard work, Confusing map and poor level design make it easy to get lost, Repetitive and shallow.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 65

When I was first given this assignment, I came in expecting a lot more on the graphics side of the game. While three dimensional games have dominated the market, we’re seeing side-scrollers that are looking better and better. They’ve been able to pull...

By Destructoid on 65

A Valley Without Wind has always been a tantalizing prospect with noble ideas, held back by a troubled visual presentation. Having gone through multiple artistic shifts, the final product still looks hastily cobbled together, a clashing collage of...

By ign.com on 55

A Valley Without Wind reminds us that structure still has its uses in an indie gaming scene rocked by the possibilities unleashed by games like Minecraft. The appeal of its randomly generated settings wears off quickly, the procedural level generation...

By GameSpot on 55

After a full day of slaying monsters, plundering caverns, helping villagers, and performing the various deeds of a hero, you retire to a local settlement to see what your hard work has wrought. Perusing your inventory, you find an assortment of...

By Ars Technica on

And the gold medal in the high jump goes to... On the top shelf of my closet, behind the empty 3DS packaging and under a pile of discarded component cables, there's a green shoebox where I keep my past. At the top of the heap are rainy afternoons...

International Review By HardwareMX on

Sean bienvenidos a esta reseña de A Valley Without Wind, juego desarrollado por Arcen Games, compañía joven que entró en la escena indie en 2009. Arcen Games tiene un par de juegos bajo su nombre: AI War Fleet Command, juego cooperativo de estrategia...