Arma: Combat Operations

  • Arma: Combat Operations
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  • Unprecedented realism; vast battlefields; numerous real-world weapons and vehicles; accurate portrayal of modern combat; powerful game editor.


  • Can be too realistic; controls and interface are clunky; performance issues; spartan graphics; weak sound effects.

Expert reviews and ratings

By AtomicGamer on 72

You will likely spend most of your time in this game on foot, but thats not all you can do. There are tons of vehicles to use, from some busted old Ford Taurus-looking box on wheels all the way up to tanks, helicopters, jeeps, and boats. Some...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 71

ArmA is a game that generally builds upon the idea of its predecessors of making a truly expansive, persistent battlefield. This element of the game is only strengthened by the fact that it is the only game to really pull the concept off well. This...

By IGN Gear on 73

Nearly ten years ago, games like SWAT, Delta Force and Rainbow Six began to shift the shooter genre towards greater levels of realism and accuracy. While the core concept of realistic military shooters has grown into some very interesting directions...

By GameSpy on 60

In 2001 a game titled Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis was created by Bohemia Interactive. It was easily the most realistic first-person shooter of its time. In fact, Operation Flashpoint was so realistic that a more advanced version of the game...