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By HardcoreGamer on 60

Back to Bed’s main mechanics are sound and well-demonstrated, but it rarely uses its surreal aesthetic as anything more than eye candy. The excellent art design pushes boundaries and plays with perspective; a Dali work in game form.

By on

Controlling “Subob”, the benevolent dog-spirit, the player must guide Bob, a narcoleptic sleepwalker back to his bed. The task is easier said than done. Each level plays a little differently and the artistic themes vary from stage to stage. One thing I...

International Review By on 60

The world of video-games has often been used as a way of escaping the harsh reality of real life for a lot of players. It's only fitting that the very art style in puzzle title Back to Bed seems inspired by the surrealism movement that tried to combine...

International Review By on 60

Back To Bed est un puzzle game où réflexion et rapidité seront les mots d'ordre. Misant tout sur son thème vous invitant au rêve, est-ce que l'on se laissera prendre à l'aventure ou alors, sombrera-t-on dans un sommeil d'ennui ? Aujourd'hui, on vous...