Beat Hazard Ultra

  • Beat Hazard Ultra
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  • Affordable.
  • Old school shooting.
  • Unique and varied weapons.


  • Lack of flair.
  • Simple menus.

Expert reviews and ratings

By DroidGamers on 100

This game is not just another ‘bullet hell’ shooter; it’s a great in-depth beautifully presented shooter that is welcome on Android. If you have not played this yet, what are you waiting for? With a demo available, there is no reason not to have a go.

By PocketGamer on 80

A game whose major selling point isn't actually that important, Beat Hazard Ultra has a strong enough shooting mechanic to avoid any accusations of being a gimmick.

By 148Apps on 90

A unique arcade-shooter that offers almost infinite replay value. Pilot a space ship with dynamically generated background music!

By TouchArcade on 90

Otherwise, it's a heck of a game, gorgeous, challenging and long-lived in turn. I've hardly been able to put it down, and listening to music without the game just doesn't feel as cool right now. Let us know what you think on the forums, but don't miss this one. Your eyes deserve a little excitement, don't you think?

By Destructoid on 85

Impressive efforts with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.

By IGN on 50

The idea of my music creating a level in Beat Hazard Ultra is cool, but it doesn't work and every level feels the same regardless of the tunes being used. In the end, I'm playing a mediocre twin-stick shooter with a custom soundtrack turned on. There are plenty of really good twin-stick shooters like Stardust and Dead Nation, so why play this one?