Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway

  • Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway
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  • Character driven story.
  • Intense tactical action.
  • Gorgeous cinematic presentation.


  • Forgettable multiplayer mode and linear tank missions.
  • Story relies overmuch on knowledge of past games.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GamePyre on 92

Going back to my introduction, a friend of mine called me ignorant for not playing this game, and I have to agree with him. I was ignorant. I passed on a game that did not have the appropriate advertisement compared to other games that suckered me...

By Gaming Nexus on 92

Theories regarding what caused the eventual defeat of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich abound, running the gamut from poor strategic decisions to allied daytime bombing decimating Germany's industrial base. All are valid to some degree, I imagine, but...

By Maximum PC on 90

We’ve played plenty of World War II shooters but have yet to find one that makes us care for its characters like we did for Tom Hanks and Vin Diesel in Saving Private Ryan. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway comes close and rekindles our love...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 89

Another year brings more World War II first person shooters. Like most gamers I am tired of playing through this era, but it is hard to get upset or pass up playing a game that is as good as Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway. This game had been in...

By GamePlanet on 85

World War II is coming back into your living room with Hells Highway, a solid, squad-based tactical shooter. Aside from some minor glitches and a lack of decent multiplayer the game is stunning, with a movie-like story that is gripping and emotional....

By GameZone on 80

Hell’s Highway is a solid shooter with some great elements, but the AI issues are very problematic, especially for a squad-based...

By BrightHub on 100

The newest installment of the Brothers in Arms series reinforces itself with some new features and a solid story on Xbox 360 Another Jump Into CombatIf you are looking to play the newest installment of the Brother in Arms series, I am fairly sure...

By PC Advisor on 80

Stellar single player strategy and story in Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway make for the best (offline) World War II experience to date. Mitchell Dyer Lowest online price: ££14.93...

By GameSpot on 85

Hells Highway proves to be an exciting, engaging ride despite a few bumps along the way....

By NowGamer on 82

Hell’s Highway is held back by tunnel-vision solo play, but that shouldn’t put you off. 8.2/10Print this pageUser reviews (0)Share this pageNoticed something wrong? Report...

By Games Radar on 90

When we last filled the boots of Brothers in Arms protagonist Matt Baker in Road to Hill 30 (the sequel followed one of his fellow sergeants), he was just beginning to learn the ropes as a squad leader in the 101st Airborne Division. Now a grizzled...

International Review By Digital Life on 60

Det märks att Band of brothers står som förebild för mellansekvenserna. De talar samma bildspråk, andas samma intensitet och ackompanjeras av liknande musik. Vi får återigen spela som sergeanten Matt Baker och ta samma...

International Review By Smartson on

Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway är den senaste delen i en serie av spel där strategi och finess krävs för att klara av dina...

International Review By Technic3D on 86

Technic3D meint:“Brothers in Arms Hells Highway ist ein Muss für die Fans, die Wert auf Taktik und Planung legen, für eingefleischte Ego-Shooter-Freunde ist wohl nur die Optik ein wirklicher Pluspunkt." Offizieller Erscheinungstermin: Bereits...

International Review By Subdogs on 20

Utan att egentligen erbjuda några nyheter har Brothers in Arms lyckats ta plats bredvid Call of Duty och Medal of Honor i en av de mest statiska genrer som finns nämligen filmlika skjutspel i andra världskriget. Seriens gimmick är att erbjuda lite...